The Constellation Sentier des 5 Bonniers, 25 1390 Grez-Doiceau Belgium.
Mission We stimulate and connect local responses around the world, using the Community Life Competence Process. The Constellation, a non-for-profit organisation, is serving a worldwide network of individuals, groups, communities and organisations. The Constellation connects those groups to learn and share about local experience, and for mutual support. From Merauke to Mombasa and from Bujumbura to Brussels, we are rediscovering community strengths: the human capacity for care and change, for community belonging, for leadership, for sharing who we are and what we know.We look for strengths. Our energy for change comes from our regular immersion into community experience,at home and elsewhere. By asking appreciative questions, we discover and reveal strengths which communities themselves might not realize. We in turn are inspired to transfer the experience into our own contexts: at work, in our social and family lives. Join our community, visit us at http://www.communitylifecompetence.org/en/2-home-page
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