Hive Cebu - Pitik Photography Shots #5



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Hello everyone! Today is a very special day coz there was an event going on as I was doing my afternoon walk today. My old school, Sibonga Community College, is holding their intramurals in our sports centrum near our national park. So when I arrived at the park to do my afternoon leisure walk I was schocked to see so many people in the park roaming around... So instead of doing my afternoon walk like usual, I didn't do it because there were so many targets to choose from hihi.

Lucky for me I got a lot of volunteers today because of the event. I'm sharing to you all 10 of the good ones that I got from the 190 photos I got this afternoon. I hope you all like it. I wanted to break this into a few parts but since I will upload all of these photos in a few hours in facebook then that wouldn't work does it? Even if it is my own facebook page? Oh well.

Now that I have been doing this for a few days already, I can really tell the strength and weakness of my camera. I was just lucky this afternoon coz the weather was good and the sun was up so I could get clear shots. If it was cloudy today then it would be a very bad day for me coz my camera is so bad in low light situations.

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