Hive Cebu - Pitik Photography Shots #66 (Fun Time in the Sea)


Today I want to share to you guys the joys of being in the sea and how young boys in our town (Including me when I was young) spent our spare time :) These young boys noticed me and called me out to ask for a pitik :)
Since they were a few meters away I'm guessing around 10 meters it was kinda hard for me to hear what they were saying so they went for a hand sign to tell me that they wanted me to take a picture of them throwing themselves into the sea
This was a very newbie mistake for me but I think it turned out fine. Motion blur is evident in this shot coz I panned the shot instead of waiting at the spot where they would jump into coz I also wanted to take the shot as they land into the sea
As you can see that huge splash of water where the guy in the last picture landed. I really need to practice more on my panning :)
These group of girls noticed me that I was picturing the guys jumping into the sea and was secretly waiting to pounce on me lol
What they didn't know is that I already got their stolen shots before they could ask me for a pitik lol
Just look at how beautiful these girls are :) They were quite sneaky secretly sitting there and being shy :D
This guy was out in the sea alone probably enjoying the cold sea breeze but then he noticed me which shocked me coz he was quite seriously looking at the sea but when I pressed the shutter button he suddenly turned over and ruined my shot :(
and lastly a lovely family enjoying their spare time in the sea and bonding together :) My and my family used to do this every single weekend when I was young... Oh those were the fun days :)

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Hello everyone! It's another day and it's another walk again for me. While walking I will always bring my Panasonic Lumix FZ80 with me so I can take random shots at people or take shots from people who asks me to take a picture of them.

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