Hive Cebu - Pitik Photography Shots #69 (Fun Shoot At School)


Since the Sinulog event in my sons school, many people have appreciated the photos that I took and my sons girl classmates were one of them. They asked my son if I could pitik them again and so when it was high sunny I did :)
My camera isn't really meant for low light shots and I get much better results during sunny days just like today and so I got some really beautiful shots from them. I hope they like these shots and you guys too :)
I went beyond a single shoot and have followed them around as they were playing in the school grounds. I didn't literally follow them around since I am not allowed inside the school grounds lol my camera can zoom up to 60 times so it wasn't that hard :D
I got this really beautiful shot of one of the boy classmate of my son. I very nice composition where there is a tree in the foreground, him with the ball in his feet and some students in the background. Don't expect a bokeh in a fixed lens camera :D
This little girl beside the boy isn't part of my sons classmates but still knows who I am since her room is just beside my sons room :D She noticed me and was surprised and told the gang to pose :D
My son is a grade 3 student and that little girl is a grade 2 student. Isn't she cute? Warning I got another cute photo of her in the next photo so be warned, you might accidentally die due to a heart attacked caused by super cuteness :D
Cuteness 100000000000000000% you have been warned :D Damn I want one! I mean I want a daughter as cute as this little girl and I will treat her like a princess till the day she's born until the day I die! I really want one but can't :(
This guy is the playmate of the one with the soccer ball earlier in the picture with the tree. I wanted to capture the exact moment he kicked the ball but the 5 raw fps (I guess) burst mode of my camera sucks :D
Even the high school students or (grade 8 students) came in to join the fun :D They also loved my shots and called me out so loud that probably the whole school has heard. I've got some "BIG" (Literally big) fans inside the school grounds lol hahah

Before anything else if you are new to my blogs and want to know what "Pitik Photography Shots" is then read my blog about "Pitik Photography" here

Hello everyone! It's another day and it's another walk/ride again for me. While walking I will always bring my Panasonic Lumix FZ80 with me so I can take random shots at people or take shots from people who asks me to take a picture of them.

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NOTE: Most of the things said in the descriptions of the photos are all just for fun and for laughs guys :) All Photos/Images used in this blog was taken by and owned by me. You can use these photos however you like but please put a backlink to this post right here and a backlink of my profile here on hive. Thank you and Have a Great Day Everyone!

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Their smiles are so priceless!


That's the way it should be 😁 Children should smile more, be happy and enjoy their childhood coz that's the only days they will be happy 😅