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Today, we continue in the second half of this crazy adventure. The plot thickens as MORE chaos ensues...

For Part 1:


As I slowly return to the #HIVE blockchain, I am still figuring out what content I will be putting out there. January is a great time to reflect on new ideas as well as revitalizing tried & true ones...

For those of you who know me, I am a pretty upbeat & positive person. It's a default setting of mine, to be honest. But there are times I do have to step outside of that & offer a good rant.

Now we all love a good rant (yes, even you!). Sometimes it helps to get the frustrations out. This occasion was no exception...


So, it is once again Story/Rant time with Pixie... this time it involves a recent grocery online fiasco with a couple of beloved shops. Ordering should be easy, right?

WRONG. Join me for this colorful adventure as the story unfolds into a world of craziness with some well deserved pixie stomps deeply embedded in the rant...another day with oat milk!

While this video is a little longer than usual, it is well worth the watch. You do NOT want to miss this one...

Grab your favorite beverage & join me for some laughs... 😉🤗☕️ ✨
As always, your time & support is always appreciated! Namaste 💚✨

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Poor Jenn! 🤗😊 Oh No Jenn 🤣🤣🤣
Don't use Walmart again.
Barb 😄
Happy New Year!