Some photography of nature and handicrafts of rural Bengal

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Hope everyone is well. I am good with your prayers.

In fact, the creator has arranged a different employment for each person to survive in our world. And the natural beauty that we all know is unmatched.




I present before you in photography a scene of my village which is natural. I and all of us have been reading in books for a long time that the sky is blue and look how beautiful this sky is actually blue! How wonderful is God's creation. We have a medium sized palm tree or trees in our market and this photograph was taken when the sun was in the south at noon.



And look here is a banyan tree and under it you can see some furniture type things. It is not made by any machine but is completely human handiwork. And in fact you will be surprised to see some of the artisans who have created these things with their fine hand skills. They are made from parts of basan. We know that subjatiras are a delicacy in the budding stage of the bus and take it as their main favorite food and are also used in making bus houses. But the use of bamboo is not limited here. With which the artisans use this bamboo to create various fishing tools, curry vegetable containers and the chairs we use for sitting.



Look at the craftsman hanging here the letter that I will come, and there are many more things here. Here there is a piece of furniture called kula which is not used as furniture but is used for cleaning big rice or paddy.




And on the opposite side of the road i.e. the part where I am standing there is a beautiful banyan tree. Banyan trees are supposed to be familiar to us because the shade of banyan trees is so cool that it beats even artificial AC. And even if there is a chance to sit and be angry, I am standing under the shade of this tree, collecting the photographs and enjoying the beautiful environment under the canopy of this botanic tree.

Look at the roots of the tree like other trees, but not narrow, but this big shape, it seems twisted. And this bot tree is very old. I can't say the exact age because I have been seeing this tree like this since my childhood.

And in the heat of summer, people flock for a little respite. There is no place to sit under this banyan tree, yet crowds flock here.

Anyway, I shared some experiences about nature and handicrafts with you.

Place: Bangladesh Rampal Bagerhat

Subject: Landscape

Mobile: Realme

Model: Realme 8


is great to see more from other cultures in hive!