The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge: Beautiful Breakfasts!


Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

As we've been doing, the challenge post and the wrap up will be in the ONE post. Likewise, if you want to support #vegan #plant content, delegations are welcome.

Here @sirenahippie, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you again, that the general topics (NOT those of this contest in particular), that you can publish in our community are the following:

  • Experiences with a vegan diet.
  • Ethics of animal agriculture.
  • How to grow a kitchen garden for your plant based food.
  • The best herbs and spices to have in a vegan kitchen.
  • Meat free Mondays - why they're a good idea.

The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge (please read carefully the conditions and prizes )

In a post made during Easter, we gave the winners of the previous challenge, SUPER SMOOTHIES; which you can see here; that's why today it's our turn to make an invitation for a new challenge.

This time we want you to share with us delicious and BEAUTIFUL BREAKFASTS in the community challenge; however, there are certain conditions for you to share these breakfasts: We want you to tell us about the benefits of each ingredient for your health and / or nutrition, (please do not copy and paste, because the post that incurs in this practice will be disqualified), and additionally we want you to appear in at least two photos making your dish . We are sure that each of the participants will present fabulous and delicious recipes that will be nutritious and delicious.

We hope you have a lot of fun with this new themed challenge at HIVE!



  • Only one post per participant will be accepted.

  • Post must be published in this Plant Power (Vegan) community.

  • No meat, dairy or ANY animal products (milk, cheese, butter, honey, egg, etc.)

  • Please be original - no old content and nothing plagiarized! (The post that incurs in plagiarized will be disqualified).

  • You must appear in at least two photos making the recipe.
  • Use the tags: #vegan #plantbased in the first five places.

  • Reblog this post if you can & mention it within the post.

  • Invite a friend!

  • Engage with others!

  • Drop your link below - no link, no entry!


  • 1st prize is 5 HIVE. However, if there are over ten entries, we will also award a second and third place of 3 and 2 HIVE respectively!

  • We look forward to giving additional prizes, sponsored by @sirenahippie.
  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts will be reblogged and maybe even tipped!

We look forward to your participation!


Delegations welcome!
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Oooh, I'm looking forward to seeing these. I'm terrible at doing breakfasts, especially since we stopped eating cereals.

@tipu curate 2


We will wait for the entries, it will be interesting to see the variety of breakfasts that will be presented to us. Thank you very much for your support. Best regards.