Foodie's sickbay

Well we've been having a couple of crappy days!


I was well on my way towards a migrainless time with the bleeds. Until sunday evening. Darnit. I guess it's a mandatory thing. (Who makes up these stupid rules, anyway? Must be a sadist!)

At the same time, that sunday evening, hubby started getting the shivers. He was feeling so cold and couldn't get himself warm. So he got into bed while I made him a heat bag (Google says out 'hittepit' is called a 'seed pillow' in English). I then also went to bed very early, because of the stupid migraine.

The next day, both of us crawled out of bed and crawled right onto the couch to continue our suffering there. Luckily, hubby wasn't shivering anymore, but he was still sick. We did a test for the big C, but it couldn't find any traces of that particular disease. We ordered new home tests for later and went back to feeling crappy and not doing much of anything.

Luckily, my nauseating migraine later turned into a regular migraine and I managed to wok us up some healthy food for the evening. I then continued to watch some episodes of a docu series on Egyptian archeology, you know, to aggitate my migraine a little before bed, and off we went for another night of sleep. My migraine has cleared up a little, although I'll have to take it easy today. Hubby is still in bed, so I'm not sure what his state is now, but seeing as he's not working, he's probably still not feeling well.

Oh well, so much for our boring life these last few days. This is my sign of life! Now I'll have to be off to some more screenless times.

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That's not good! I hope you both are feeling better for sure. It sucks when things like that happen all at once.

If your hubby got the affliction, hope he gets over it soon. Natural immunity from it will be great!