Guild Wars 2 - World vs World Beta week


Guild Wars 2, World vs World is holding a beta to change matchups. I'm sad.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 World vs World beta

World vs World is a game style where three servers are matched up against each other and fight across four different maps to capture and hold points, aswell as to battle each other in large numbers.

I've played WvW a lot in the past and had a lot of fun running around with my server while most were on Teamspeak (now mostly Discord). You fight for your server, which is pretty cool. The beta this week is looking to change that.

The idea is to no longer match up servers against each other, but to instead create alliances with guilds, which will then hopefully get put together and will get matched up against other alliances and solo guilds/players. You'll still have three teams, but they will no longer be server-related.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 World vs World beta

Where I used to play WvW quite a lot, I now no longer have the energy to play as much as most WvW guilds want. I no longer have the energy to socialize much, so I ended up in our community guild, instead of a hardcore WvW guild. I am now a lurker in our raids and team chats, but a comfortable one, because I recognize these people and I know which guilds and commanders to follow for a good time. So I just join the open raids my server holds quite a bit, when I can.
This option will end once these changes go live. I won't be interesting enough for a WvW guild, meaning I will be matched up as a solo guild or player with some random team. Meaning I probably won't know these people and won't know their open raid times, or if they even have them. My entire WvW experience will crumble around me once this goes live.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 World vs World beta

Yesterday evening, regular re-match night, the second beta week started for these WvW changes. This was not communicated ingame. Rather, they only wrote something about it on the GW2 forums, which ofcourse, far from everyone reads. Either way, I still had my server's community guild ticked as a choice for the matchup, so I thought I would be safe. I wasn't. Just like the last beta (which luckily only lasted a few hours).

Yesterday evening, I was matched up with a bunch of strangers. I was lucky enough to find a good commander to follow though and they even shared their Teamspeak server, so we could play well together as a group. Some I even recognized as once having been on my server. They even told us their schedule for the rest of the weekend, so I could join another open raid this morning.

However! This morning, I ended up in a completely different matchup. Different name, different players. So there was no good group to be found. No one I knew. This sucks.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 World vs World beta

I'm not happy about these changes at all and I hope they will never come to pass. I love playing with and for my server. I don't want to be teamed up with a bunch of strangers and having that switched around every couple of weeks/months/whatever. This ruins the whole game for me and I'm really sad about that. WvW in Guild Wars 2 has always been my go-to place if I want to relax and just have some fun with people I feel comfortable with, fighting for a server I've fought for for years.

Sadly, the hardcore WvW guilds don't mind, because they all have each other and will be matched up together once they've perfected this system. So only the casual players will be hurt by this crap.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 World vs World beta

I'm sad and mad and frustrated. I'll just have to enjoy the time I have left in WvW until they release this change. That is, once this stupid beta week is over.

I now regret having already bought the new Guild Wars 2 expansion. I get bored of PvE quickly and all that's left for me is WvW and I don't want to support this change in any way.

Well... I can't change it. Maybe I can make a guild of one and beg my server to allow it into their alliance once they release that feature.

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