10 Portrait of the bride


Good evening everyone here

In my introductory post, I have explained a little about myself regarding my profession and hobbies in this life, as a bridal makeup artist of course I always take pictures of the results of my make-up and aim to promote my business as well as collect some of the best images for me to study again if there are still deficiencies in my work

I like photography, especially related to wedding photos, such as pre-wedding which I usually take part in to accompany the shooting process, because I happen to also provide photographer services to take pictures of married couples, but I don't take pictures of them, I just take pictures of them using my iphone

Tonight I will share 10 pictures that I think are worth sharing here, all pictures are portraits that I took, at the same time I am the one who does their beautiful makeup, but because this is a photography community, I will not share tutorials to make up their faces. the following beautiful women, only pictures of the final result after I make up that I will share here, and here are the 10 pictures that I said earlier

This beautiful and sweet woman is the first model that I share this time, because I think she is quite sweet and very worthy for me to save the picture, my fellow women simply admire the beauty that she has, and this is the same person as the one on the cover photo I created


This bride is much younger than me, and only about 23 years old, but getting married at a young age is not a ban, as long as they are ready, there is nothing wrong with building a household.


The smile on this sister's face is really very sweet isn't it, I want to ask her to be my model, unfortunately she hasn't been able to accept my offer, it's okay, I'll try it next time, I'm definitely proud that I'm the one who does the makeup her sweet face, and at the same time put her picture in my album collection


The sweet tooth is definitely what makes this sister's husband fall in love, 🤭, uupss, that's just my opinion, friends, don't take it too seriously


I'm almost out of words, because everything I've shot is really beautiful, even some of them are a bit similar, maybe because we all come from the same area


One more picture of the young bride I have, she's really cute


Haha, this time I really can't explain anything anymore, I'm really out of words, the important thing is they look beautiful right



In the last picture the smile on this bride's face is a little weird, it's my best friend, makeup for a friend is not easy, moreover taking pictures is not my part in the business that I run, that's why she smiles so strangely because I asked her repeatedly to pose for makes it easier for me to take pictures

I took all the pictures above at the homes of the respective brides, apart from that everything is the result of my handicrafts, starting from the make-up, the traditional clothes they wear, henna, and so on. I don't think it's necessary to take pictures of beautiful people like them. have special abilities, because beautiful people will still look beautiful

Before I end our meeting tonight, I want to introduce myself first, the name is @poetjuet01 and I'm from Indonesia, greetings to all of you

See you again🙏


They are all beautiful, but prettier after being decorated. keep up the good work and enthusiasm.


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