I'm going to the craft fair in Milan!!!


Hi friends how are you?, unfortunately I haven't been able to do my usual post these days, but today I want to share with you a wonderful experience I had yesterday in Milan.



You should know that a beautiful craft fair with completely free admission takes place every year in the Milan fairgrounds.
This event has been held since 1996 and every year more and more people and exhibitors from all over the world attend.
I go there every year, because it is an experience with certainly immersive in the field of Italian handicrafts, but not only that, the great thing about this fair is that there are not only objects, but also lots of food to try from all over Italy, and indeed for some years they have also been coming from abroad to let you taste their specialities.
We can say that all the continents are represented and you can taste their food. It is an appointment that you should not miss and, as you can see from the photos, there is a huge influx of people at any time of day.
In fact, I advise you to come either early in the morning or late in the evening as I did.



Basically I read that there are about 2300 exhibitors from all over the world, and this year there will be about one million visitors, we must also take into account that unfortunately there were two years that were affected by the pandemic, but fortunately that is behind us.


One can taste many oriental dishes, in fact there are many exhibitors of Chinese but also Japanese cuisine, also because we have to understand that in Milan the Chinese community is very populous.


One of the first things I ate as an appetiser was to get a cone with lots of speck inside, one of my favourite cold cuts and one that I eat almost daily, this one for €2.50.


Then I tasted another dish, which is eaten a little bit all over Italy but is said to have originated more in the Triveneto area, and that would be the typical salted meat, a kind of raw meat that is cooked thanks to salt and then you put a little lemon on it, here they served it together with some small mozzarellas and some cherry tomatoes.


I don't know if I have told you but you know that one of my favourite cuisines is Spanish, here I practically tasted a very special paella made by an Argentinean restaurant and discovered that it was quite different from what they make in Spain.


Let's say that after eating all this, I was quite full, but I wanted to try the porchetta that is made in Ariccia a small town near Rome, which is famous for this porchetta, I liked it because it was very tasty.


And at the end for dessert, even though it was quite cold outside, I had a very good homemade ice cream, made by some ice cream makers from Belluno, some of whom have even opened many ice cream parlours in Germany.

My review and conclusion of this participation in this event can only be positive, indeed if you happen to be in Milan at this time I recommend you visit it.
I hope you enjoyed my story, I look forward to the next post and wish you a good day.


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