Romantic getaway in Germany


Hi friends, I haven't written here anymore because the other day my boyfriend really gave me a nice surprise.
I must say that I never expected something like this even though I know I am with a person who is crazy.
He had practically already booked the weekend at Europa Park, one of the main German and European amusement parks.


She knew very well that it would make me a very happy child, also because I've been to this amusement park several times in my life and I've always had a lot of fun.
If I'm not mistaken this park in terms of number of visitors should be second only to Disneyland Paris and is located in the German city of Rust near the more famous Freiburg.



And he knew very well that I would have loved to come here also because the park at this time of the year is heading towards Christmas.
I read that within this quacon there are more than 100 attractions practically divided into 15 thematic areas and among other things we are also lucky enough to stay in one of the 6 themed hotels that are located right next to the park.



*And then I have to tell you the truth that I like this park more than the most famous Italian park which is Gardaland, because it is much more cared for and managed much better but above all there are games for all people for both adults and children.



It is true that however the entrance is quite expensive because I spent around €65 but at least even if there is a large influx of people this is managed in an optimal way.
Among other things, I discovered that near the park there is a beautiful campsite and it's not that expensive.


I hope you enjoyed this story of mine I was very happy with this surprise and I will certainly enjoy these days to the full this weekend.