Works of art photographed last year


Hello friends, Today I want to share something particular, it is true I really like nature, and going to the mountains but I am also passionate about art.
So today I want to take the opportunity to share some beautiful works that I saw this summer on the lakefront in Iseo in the province of Brescia.
I just found these photos yesterday that I hadn't posted anywhere and so it seems nice to share them in this community.


It sometimes happens that in some municipality in Italy you want to set up this type of open -air exhibition, And until September, an exhibition was dedicated to Giacinto Bosco, one of the most well -known figurative sculptors in the world in the world and certainly marked the twentieth century in which he lived.
Unfortunately, this artist who left Sicily left us in 1997.

318170427_1550089035453906_3926729423796684296_n (1).jpg

When I went this summer I really was hit by these bronze works there were many many more than 30.
I like it so much when these works are installed in these places I hope this is also made in the mountains.
It must be difficult to create these works by merging the bronze but this artist managed to us great.

317480517_1550088998787243_771293506361572993_n (1).jpg

These works of art that I was lucky enough to see represent the mythography of love, i.e. the artist has managed to rewrite the feeling of love through these representations.
And as you can see in the photos, as in the case of the boat, they look great in the environment where they are.


We can admit that I was a good photographer this time,I managed to capture these works of art at sunset and I was able to make them even more beautiful.


This one you see above is the one I preferred with this swing hooked to the moon.
we can say that in some way it can represent me.


This thing pleased me because I met an artist who is most likely undervalued in Italy and honestly if I didn't see his works I didn't know him.
I looked for information about him but there are very few, we only know that at the age of 15 he left Sicily to go to work and to develop his art in the city of Milan must have been a huge sacrifice for him.

I hope you enjoyed this story of mine and also my photos that I shared with you. Have a good day.


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I love it because I have recently been in Italy and they value art so much, you can spend hours walking the streets of many of their cities and see art everywhere.

This is one of the examples, you found this outdoor exhibition of the work of a little known artist, but they were perfect with that landscape in the background and also, capturing with your camera the light of the sunset made it more romantic and beautiful.


I like all these sculptures and yes you captured the art great! Aside that the art is portraying love, I noticed that the artist uses the moon, ropes, and stairs in his masterpiece. I wonder how valuable those things are to the artist and what they represent to him.

Great shots and a great masterpiece.


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