Equal Opportunity Ruleset, Focus Fire vs Random attack which is better?

Hello all Splinterlands Player, today I will make a post again about Battle Mage Secrets Challenge This week theme is Equal Opportunity Ruleset :

I battle in Diamond League Modern Format, using my scholar account from Balthazar.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video :


From left to right :

  • Keep Your distance, all melee monsters can't be used in this battle.

  • Heavy Hitters, all monsters have the Knock Out ability.

    • Knock Out ability, the damage will be doubled when the enemy is inflicted by stun status and hit by the monster.
  • Equal Opportunity, all monsters have Opportunity ability.

    • Opportunity ability, all monsters can attack from any position, they will hit enemy monsters with the lowest Health.
  • Mana Cap 19.

  • Can use all elements Fire, Earth, and Life.

My Lineup and strategy

Because of the Keep Your Distance ruleset, only range and magic attacks can be used. In this battle, the monsters will attack the enemy monster with the lowest HP monster so we need to pay attention to our HP monster so we can know which monster will be tanker/attacked first.

For this battle we decided to use Jacek the Conqueror because we want to use Chaos Agent as a tanker, this monster can evade all kinds of attack, and for that, we need more speed to increase the chance for Chaos Agent to evade the enemy attack.

To make sure all enemy monsters will attack Chaos Agent before another monster we must choose another monster with a higher HP than Chaos Agent.

So this is our Line up :

Summoner or monsterAbilitiesDescription
Jacek the Conqureror, Summoner. Has ability Scattershot, Piercing ability, and can give +2 speed to all friendly monsters.This is a summoner from the Fire element. I used this summoner because of its increased speed and ability. The ability is scattershot will make this monster attack a random enemy monster. Piercing ability, if Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health. With +2 speed will make our monster in the first position has an increased chance to evade and counterattack the enemy monster. This summoner will make all of our monster attacks become unpredictable, hope can hit and kill enemy monsters first with high speed, before they can attack us
Chaos Agent, 1st position, Tanker. Has the ability Dodge, Phase, and Backfire.We want all attacks to focus on this monster so we put it in the first position to make sure the enemy in the first position until the last, attacks this monster. With our summoners and another monster support ability, we boost this monster's speed hoping that high Speed and Dodge ability will give an increased chance to evade all kinds of enemy attacks by 25% making this monster hold longer. Phase ability that makes this monster can evade the enemy's magic attack. Although this monster can't attack but can give 2 damage back if this monster can evade the enemy monster's attack.
Scavo Chemist, 2nd position, 2nd tanker. Has the ability cleanse, Slow, and Headwinds.I'm using this monster because has a slow ability that decreases all enemy speed by 1, to give more buff to our monster Chaos Agent. This monster can't attack, the other useful ability this monster has in this battle is cleanse, which can remove all negative effects on the monster in the first position, and the Headwinds ability will make all enemy range attack decrease by 1.
Scavo Firebolt, 3rd position, attacker. Has no ability.The reason we used this monster because has high attack and good speed. Range attack can't attack in the first position so we need to put a monster with range attack behind.
Supply runner, 4th position, attacker, and support. Has ability Swiftness, and StrengthenPut this in the last position because range attack monster and has good support ability so we hope that this monster can last as long as possible. The Swiftness ability will make all friendly monsters get +1 speed, and The Strengthen ability give all friendly monsters +1 HP. The HP is only the second lowest after Chaos Agent. So after Chaos Agent die all enemy monster will attack this monster.

The Battle

Round 1:

  • As usual, the battle starts with buff and debuff from both sides. We can see in this round as our prediction that all enemies will try to hit Chaos Agent because it's the monster with the lowest HP, in this round all attacks to Chaos Agent can be evaded, making all enemies receive 2 damage from Chaos Agent Backfire ability.

Round 2 :

  • In this round enemy Venari Marksrat monster which has Martyr ability die, it makes all monsters adjacent to it Doctor Blight, and Pelacor Conjurer all stats increase.
    In this round same as round 1 no enemy attack can hit the Chaos Agent monster, all attacks is evaded so the enemy keeps receiving counterattack damage from Chaos Agent.

Round 3-4:
In 3rd round finally, the enemy attacked Doctor Blight can hit our Chaos Agent monster, made the HP decrease by 2, and got inflicted by poison, and Chaos agent in round 4 died because of the poison. The enemy Venari Crystalsmith dies hit by our Supply Runner. Our Supply Runner got hit by Doctor Blight and got poisoned effect.

Round 5-7 :
In Round 5 after our Supply Runner Hp decrease -2 cause the poison effect, the enemy monster Doctor Blight attacks and kills it, Enemy monster Doctor Blight dies attacked by our Scavo Firebolt. With the death of Doctor Blight, the enemy only left Pelacor Conjurer this monster can't attack, and the victory is ours.

Did your strategy work?

The strategy went quite well, our monster does not focus on attacking their tanker but instead randomly attacked another enemy monster. Their tanker Chaos Agent and Pelacor Conjurer (boosted with Martyr ability from Venari Marksrat) have high speed and HP we may be in trouble if we focus on attacking it.

Our Chaos Agent is like a monster with a Taunt ability all monsters attack it because has the lowest HP, and with high speed and Backfire ability, he could deal damage to many enemy monsters decreasing their HP so it's easier for our attacker monster to kill the enemy monsters. Although not entirely as expected, Doctor Blight, who has a low attack speed, can hit the Chaos Agent and gives a poison effect, which makes us almost lose, fortunately, our random attack manages to hit Doctor Blight and kill him, before our tanker, Scavo Chemist dead.

This is the evade calculation Chaos Agent vs Doctor Blight :
Chaos Agent Speed 7 VS Doctor Blight speed 2 = 50% + Chaos Agent Dodge ability 25% = 75%. Chaos Agent has a 75% chance to evade Doctor Blight's attack.

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

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