Equal Opportunity Ruleset, Taunt the monster split the damage


Hello every Splinters Lover, today I will make a post about Battle Mage Secrets Challenge This week theme is Equal Opportunity Ruleset :

I using my scholar account from Balthazar battle in Gold League Modern Format, my deck only consist of Chaos Legion Card, Neutral Card, and some reward card.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video :


From left to right :

  • Even Stevens, only monsters with event mana cost can be used in this battle.

  • Heavy Hitters, all monsters have the Knock Out ability.

    • Knock Out ability, the damage will be doubled when the enemy is inflicted by stun status and hit by the monster.
  • Equal Opportunity, all monsters have Opportunity ability.

    • Opportunity ability, all monsters can attack from any position, they will hit enemy monsters with the lowest Health.
  • Mana Cap 37.

  • Can use all elements except Death.

My Lineup and strategy

For this battle, we decided to use water elements, because we have a monster with the taunt ability to split the damage between the monster in first position and the monster with the taunt ability to prolong the life of both monsters while other monsters kill the enemy monster. In this water element, we have a monster with very high damage, and the summoner can give armor which is very good in this battle.

So this is our Line up :

Summoner or monsterAbilitiesDescription
Kelya Frendul, Summoner. Can give all friendly monster buff speed and armor of +1This is a very popular summoner from Water element, with an increase in speed will make our monster increase the chance to attack first and evade the enemy attack. The armor will help to protect the monster from enemy melee or range first attack.
Baakjira, 1st position, Tanker. Has the ability Void, Slow, Strengthen, and Heal.This is a tanker with all one solution it is good against, melee, range, and magic attacks. It has very high HP and can heal. The Void ability will make the enemy magic attack damage decrease by half. Support ability slow will make all enemy monster speed decrease by 1. This monster can't attack but is very hard to kill. Usually will take a while before the enemy monster can kill it, so the monster behind can be safe from attack.
Coastal Sentry 2nd position, attacker. Has the ability Double Strike, and PiercingWith Double Strike ability will make this monster have very high damage, every round it can attack twice for a total of 8 damage, and the ability Piercing will make the damage left after destroying the armor go to HP. Usually, this monster can't attack from this position, but because of the ruleset, this monster can attack from this position.
Deeplurker, 3rd position, attacker. Has ability Opportunity and PoisonThis monster with Coastal Sentry is our main attacker, although this monster's damage is as not high as Coastal Sentry he can inflict poison status every time he attack, the chance is 50%. If the enemy is inflicted with poison status, every round the enemy HP will decrease by 2
Venator Kinjo, 4th position, attacker, and support. Has ability Reflection Shield, Camouflage, Immunity, and SlowThis monster can't be attacked if not in the first position. We use this monster because has a slow ability which is very useful to decrease all enemy speed by 1. A reflection shield can ignore the damage from blasts of Thorns. Immunity ability make this monster immune to a negative status effect.
Torrent Fiend, 5th position, attacker. Has no abilityWe used this monster because we don't have any more mana to use another good monster so with 0 mana cost this monster is perfect to put in this position.
Wave Brood, 6th position, attacker and tanker. Has the ability Taunt, Close Range, and Void.We used this monster as we said before so can split the damage, and give more time to our attacker monsters to kill the enemy monster before they are attacked

Did your strategy work?

The strategy works well, enemy monsters are busy attacking our two tankers Baakjira and Wave Brood, and give protection and time to our main attackers Deeplurker and Coastal Sentry the opportunity to kill the enemy with the lowest HP. Baakjira's Slow ability make almost all our monster speed higher than the enemy and can kill several enemy monster before they can attack.

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

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