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Yeah, you can always read further if you are in the mood to read something and in case you didn't understand anything of what the videos and links above tried to convey. This is only with the intention that you have the opportunity to clarify things a little more.

So, you can start by clicking here and maybe also here and finally also here, which will leads you to an old post of mine that surely I'll repost a bit later in the chain so you can catch the swing of this post in all its splendor. Because in fact... ¿Who really cares?

Last but not least, perhaps it can be useful if I close this post with a last pretty eloquent video in the hope that it really invites you to think, reflect and meditate deeper on the consequences of allowing blindly that an authoritarian entity of one man or a minority gang in anywhere, will try to rule and enforce their stubborn, biased, wrong and whimsical agenda & law on you thinking that you don't have how to act to fight and defeat them. It doesn't matter how good their intentions could have been at some point. Because at the end of the day, all this is nothing more than a simple utopia.

«-The Utopia-»

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