¡The unanswerable question!

¡A Manifest!

Do you ever wonder why the voice of reason. The voice of all those who often try to make people think. The voice of those who question things and try to get others to also question what is frankly questionable. Over and over again they are usually always persecuted trying to silence them, censor them, marginalize them, punish them, eradicate them, banning them, cancel them, ostracize them from public view?

¿Do you have any idea, opinion, hypothesis or hunch about it?

¿Where are thou in this map?

Dante Inferno

Oh yeah, of course I have my own opinion and hypothesis on this matter. But I am not going to leave it embodied here in this post yet so as not to influence you in your own current trend of thought at this moment. Just to avoid that you do not dare to give us your most authentic, honest and sincere answer on the subject. You know?

Because I know and I am more than clear that there are many ignavus in this world. In the world, in this ecosystem, in society in general and everywhere. Plenty of inert - docile - apathetic - sluggard - indolent - indifferent and fearful individuals everywhere rejoicing themselves in their own blissful ignorance and cowardice.

Just immersed within their own self-perceived bubble, cloud nine and echo chamber of comfort and apparent prosperity that at the moment they think it will last forever. Without thinking not even once that everything is always simply transient and temporary in this life. But no one wants to wake up from that wet dream so soon. ¿Correct?

So as I said before, in this very moment, I won't try to influence you with my own point of view about it. However, I will give you some clues about a few things that you should think about before giving your opinion with a relatively accurate answer on the subject of which I'm trying to make you aware. Just something else to think about before comment.

Have you ever heard about The Milgram Experiment? Or Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment? Or perhaps about The Bystander Effect? or the Asch Conformity Experiment? Or even Curt Richter's HOPE experiment? ¿Any of them at least?

Yeah, each of these links above will take you to just a short video excerpt of the full testimony of these infamous experiments about the human nature and many of their traits under certain "social" settings and conditions. So feel free to dig further and research and explore even deeper on what these experiments are about and what I'm trying to signify in this post. Because from now on I want to focus on something else.

Something else, that although also related to all of the above, it has more to do specifically with the virtual environment in which a large majority of us find ourselves now in this ecosystem of rewards and financial abundance on the blockchain.

First They Came...

Is there really any need to create blacklists in a place that self-proclaims itself as the champion of freedom of expression, self-determination, censorship resistance, freedom of thought and free will, free content creation, safe investments and a long etcetera?

That have to exist some narcissistic individuals who, either because they self-proclaim themselves or they are assigned by a minority, the stilted role of becoming the watchdogs of an entire ecosystem of peers under the biased, capricious and arbitrary premises and rules about how everyone should behave and express their thoughts to only please the twisted view of their masters who believe themselves above the divine law?

Or is it that at the moment you think you are safe? Immune and exempt from the effects of arbitrariness, greed and nonsense? Has it never occurred to you that, like many of us, you could be the next victim of such incongruencies when you least expect it? That you could very easily become the target of punishment from this transitory artificial authority for the mere fact of expressing your truths as you see fit? Do you think there is any justification for doing what they do without giving any explanation?

Yeah, now come and tell me that you actually have thought about this before and it indeed has occurred to you before. That then I will have no choice but to ask you: ¿And what have you done about it? ¿Why haven't you taken any action to combat and counteract it? ¿Why haven't you joined the resistance yet? ¿Why do you collaborate and contribute to the unjust ongoing ostracism of some people here with your inaction and indifference? ¿Why? Because they haven't gone after you yet? ¿Is that a valid excuse?

Then, are you a true and actual ignavus? ¿Do you feel immune and exempt from injustice? ¿On what level of Dante's Averno do you think you are at now? ¿Are you that naive? ¿No? So, what are you waiting for to protest and rebel? And above all, to take some action to prevent such arbitrariness from continuing? ¿Are you gonna wait until it's your turn? Yeah! now feel free to leave me a comment with your most authentic, honest and sincere answer on the subject. I just hope I've not influenced you.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Cranky Gandalf



Hello my friend, I did not know about the existence of hive alive, and I really find it very interesting.

You are very right in what you say, and I am on the same side as you.

Distributing DV, the only thing they do is backfiring in my opinion, because in the long run the user will abandon hive since he does not receive any motivation to continue publishing, so the user goes elsewhere (publish0x, medium, etc.), and in the long term, the one who suffers the consequences is hive, who instead of winning, loses, and quite a lot.

Perhaps if things were treated more gently, everything would work better, but that's just a utopia my friend.

The resistance exists, but few of us have the nuts to say something.

(To be honest at my age, I am already far from being one of these boys who hold power, I see it as a waste of time to enter into a debate with this type of "subjects", it is sterile, it is useless, and with the pass of the years, I have understood that the best thing is to continue doing what I like, and that my dear pink Gandalf, nobody will be able to stop me, no censorship, no DV, nor any guy with power. I am going to continue publishing what I like, and doing what I like, I think more people should tune in on the same wavelength, because that is the essence of decentralization)

I agree that it is necessary to express discontent, even when what is received is a modest sum of cents (as it is in my case) and that even so, they eliminate me on a mere whim (although lately I think that it is pleasure that cause) or is probably zero. But what they cannot reduce, eliminate or erase is the dignity of continuing to write, to continue exposing ideas, and to continue creating our worlds. At least on my part, that will never happen, because for me this already took on other dimensions, a different meaning, a different purpose, and that, my friend, they will never be able to take away from you.

I'm sorry you're going through all this storm (I'm going through it too, you're not alone, and there are many more people overcoming the same thing), really, "mi pana".

Mas sincero que esta respuesta, creo que va a ser difícil que alguien se atreva a expresarla, pero dentro de lo mas profundo de mi, espero que muchos se animen a comentar para que nos cuenten lo que están pasando, y lo que piensan al respecto.