Eric Kuya

I am an investor, entrepreneur, adventurer, dreamer and thinker.

Nairobi Kenya Joined May 2017


Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Neoxian Silver can be converted to NEOXIAN POWER in a process called staking.
313.25991811 NEOXAG
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
332.74970647 NEOXAG

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
507.136 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of practicaleric's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
1 569.083 HIVE
(-209.231 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Hive Engine Tokens
0.424 ASH6.10 BEER17.085(14.001) BPC6.658 BUILD1,000.696 CCC606.054 CTP1 DSL401 ENGAGE59.25 JAHM241.456 LEO259.197(974.68) PAL1 SAND664,628.091(411,098.608) SPORTS153.948 STEM419 WIN


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yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00929631 NEOXAG for joetunex/having-bitcoin-at-20k-in-2020-could-me-be-giving-us-a-glimpse-of-what-to-expect-in-2021
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.01004518 NEOXAG for definethedollar/nov-21-20
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.01440813 NEOXAG for pele23/sick-and-tired-of-these-lockdown-weekends
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5 days agoCuration reward: 0.01244996 NEOXAG for joetunex/wet-and-drizzling-day-at-shelly-beach
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.01089255 NEOXAG for pele23/belgium-is-in-the-nations-league-final-four
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.00895031 NEOXAG for joetunex/xxrdrfuh
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.00635483 NEOXAG for atongis/-474p21hx10u3t0d21h0p0080r06877na
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.01481987 NEOXAG for ace108/wednesdaywalk-walking-to-get-lunch-near-the-inlaws-or-by-ace108
6 days agoCuration reward: 0.01373781 NEOXAG for joetunex/the-future-is-already-here-it-is-just-unevenly-distributed
6 days agoCuration reward: 0.00678782 NEOXAG for flaxz/wufmnqmd
6 days agoCuration reward: 0.00601020 NEOXAG for pele23/covid-makes-a-massacre-of-international-football
7 days agoCuration reward: 0.00840086 NEOXAG for joetunex/hacker-mudge-hired-as-head-of-security-for-twitter
7 days agoCuration reward: 0.00787215 NEOXAG for atongis/-ljb03yacm4dsbtm830sbt1fvmlp2mx0j
7 days agoCuration reward: 0.00639000 NEOXAG for flaxz/rskltjqd
7 days agoCuration reward: 0.00830068 NEOXAG for pele23/bitcoin-at-20000-usd-by-end-december
8 days agoCuration reward: 0.01261814 NEOXAG for atongis/-yel6tvg1ygfoohi67fusbbpbxcdvqvhy
8 days agoCuration reward: 0.00696307 NEOXAG for flaxz/dimhfthz
8 days agoCuration reward: 0.00687408 NEOXAG for joetunex/under-the-radar-alpha-finance-alpha-sees-171-1-gain-in-the-last-30-days
8 days agoCuration reward: 0.00802646 NEOXAG for pele23/how-high-can-leo-go
8 days agoCuration reward: 0.00786186 NEOXAG for joetunex/bitcoin-is-going-to-be-an-important-player-for-a-long-time-to-come-cynthia-lummis
9 days agoCuration reward: 0.00808402 NEOXAG for atongis/-l105evtqulsilqprrtkddwbsejafrygi
9 days agoCuration reward: 0.00639512 NEOXAG for flaxz/gkwqgqtl
9 days agoCuration reward: 0.00890216 NEOXAG for joetunex/you-better-buy-as-much-bitcoin-as-you-can-now-robert-kiyosaki
9 days agoCuration reward: 0.01550480 NEOXAG for joetunex/saving-money-have-never-been-so-much-fun-with-bitcoin
9 days agoCuration reward: 0.00793330 NEOXAG for atongis/-pi353435n7g84a7kkaj731s1v8q3p1dp
10 days agoCuration reward: 0.00683955 NEOXAG for flaxz/lyzpvtin
10 days agoCuration reward: 0.01151250 NEOXAG for joetunex/akon-s-akoin-now-available-on-bittrex
10 days agoCuration reward: 0.00696565 NEOXAG for pele23/why-you-should-not-give-up-on-hive
10 days agoCuration reward: 0.00783539 NEOXAG for joetunex/cryptocurrency-unites-rival-tribes-in-brazil-to-fight-government
11 days agoCuration reward: 0.01230018 NEOXAG for atongis/-vksjvmatsvsylf7gyin20jyrcnwmaxso
11 days agoCuration reward: 0.00680893 NEOXAG for flaxz/edbuzwco
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12 days agoCuration reward: 0.00627613 NEOXAG for joetunex/these-two-are-always-together-or-beautiful-love
12 days agoCuration reward: 0.00687537 NEOXAG for flaxz/cbqfmbxf
12 days agoCuration reward: 0.00694661 NEOXAG for joetunex/btc-pushing-for-16k-alts-looking-fairly-green-bulls-on-a-charge
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12 days agoCuration reward: 0.01071607 NEOXAG for joetunex/zqhcmtiq