Photo by Everton Vila

When it comes to relationship, people do what works for them and their partner. There isn't like a relationship version of a cookbook where we all read and follow the instructions written there in other to make our various relationships work. We just go with the flow and try as much as possible to make our partners happy.

But I do have a question though and I'd prefer if it is answered based on general sense and not on the "do what works for you" kinda mentality.

Well my question goes like this. Do you all think it is right for your partner to go through your personal stuff, and by personal stuff I mean your phone text messages and all that. And do you think it is okay for your partner to have kinda like a spy (your next door neighbor), who watches to see who comes to pay you a visit whenever your partner is not at home?

The reason why I ask this question is because we recently found out that one of our friend is currently being spied on by his neighbor who then tells his girlfriend everything she sees whenever the girlfriend isn't at home.

When he told us about this, the group kind of broke into two. Some say she's doing it because she loves him and doesn't want to lose him to someone else while the other group say it is creepy and she doing something like that is a red flag.

I obviously was with the group who were against it because I can't imagine my partner having someone spy on me, I think that is where I will most probably draw the line and end the relationship because if you don't trust me to be on my own then you shouldn't be with me in the first place. You deserve the peace of mind where ever you are and not have someone spy on me hoping you can have something to hold against me when the time comes.

But then, I've always been someone who likes to be open minded in other to hear other people's opinion on issues like this. So aside from the spying part (I'm sure everyone will be against that in the comment section) what do you guys think, do you feel partners should be able to go through each other's phone whenever they like or they should be some kind of boundaries when it comes to personal stuff like our phones and computers?