Heartbreaks I believe comes in different stages. There are Heartbreaks that might make you distabilized for a few days and then before you know it, you're back on your feet and on your way to work and then there are heartbreaks that makes you want to end it all, take your life and end all the pain, Joshua was feeling one of those at the moment.

Joshua, a thirty-one year old man had traveled to go visit a friend of his who stayed at a different state. He had a one month leave from work and his fiancée had traveled over to her family house to go spend some time with them. So Joshua had decided to visit his friend Victor and probably spend a week or two at his place.

It’s been a while he went out to go have a good time and talk about women and football with the boys at the bar.

The first night at Victor’s place had been fun. Victor, a known casanova had offered to get Joshua a girl for the night to help relax and relieve stress but Joshua had reminded him that the days of him jumping from one girl to another was over and now he was getting ready to settle down with his fiancée, the love of his life.

Victor had thought Joshua was joking but he took him serious when Joshua told him he had even introduced his fiancée to his mother.

“When are going to meet this our wife?” Victor joked.

“Soon, very soon” Joshua replied while smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, since you will be getting married soon, you have to come along with me to this wedding I will be attending this weekend so that you will learn all the wedding dance you want.” Victor said to Joshua and he agreed, if only he knew that would be the worse wedding of his life, he probably wouldn’t have agreed to go.

The day of the wedding arrived and they both decided to attend the wedding a little bit late. The church service is always boring, so they had arrived at the wedding reception instead and that was when Joshua received the shock of his life. Sitting at the high table along with her newly wedded husband and her parents was no other person but his lovely fiancée. Joshua had stood still, frozen, and when he locked eye contact with her, he made sure she saw the pain in his eyes before walking away aimlessly.

Victor didn’t even realize his friend wasn’t even with him until he turned back and when he approached him and asked what was wrong, the answer he got made him wish he never asked any question in the first place. To Victor, this was more reason for him to remain a Casanova.