My fears, My strength

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Every human being has fears.
Having fears doesn't mean you are weak but allowing the fear to overcome you, that's where the problem lies.

My greatest fear in life is being poor or failing.
Yeah! The both are associated with each other because if you fail in your finances definitely you will be poor.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon, so i know what it really mean to be poor. Although my parents try their best to give me the most comfortable life, but i feel i should do more.
I pray everyday to God to equip me with ideas to be successful. And yes his helping me. Although it really takes a lot of hard work to get there

Sometimes i feel discouraged, but then when i remember how far i have gone quitting cannot be an option.

Things am doing to be overcome my fears

Being hardworking by God's grace will really pay.
No matter what, i just strive to work hard, so when God want to bless he sees where to hold on.

Commitment, this is another virtue that has been helping me so far. I try to put so much passion on anything that would give me financial breakthrough.

Prayer is still the ultimate, overcoming poverty and failure can't happen without God

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Everyone want to be on the winning side, it hurt to be a looser.
You would not failed, fear is bad, keep higher all the time.