[WE101]-Lucky Me

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I'm glad to participate in this week's weekend engagement. All thanks to @galenkp It has been a while and I don't post much again. I miss posting here.

Have you ever counted yourself as lucky? Write about a time or event in your life in which you felt luck or happenstance played a part in bringing an advantageous result. What was the situation and result and why do you see luck as instrumental in it?

It was the COVID-19 period but in 2020 when school was shutted down because of the disease and also our university was on strike.

So i didn't to do something instead of staying at home. I went to apply in a Construction company to help teach me, when i went to their headquarters, they told me they don't take students except on IT(Industrial Training) and i that supposed to be in my year 4, i was just in year 2 at that time, so i wasn't qualified.

I just prayed and asked God, that i wanted to have the field knowledge of my course. I wasn't looking for payment at that point, just the knowledge.

So that day, when i was about leaving the headquarters, a girl approached me and gave me a man's number that can help me. He said i should tell him i just wanted to get knowledge and he will carry me along till we resume.

When i got home and called the man, explain who gave me his contact and he asked me to come to the current site he was working the other day.
I went and he asked me few questions and told me i can start the next day. He gave me safety wears like helmet, cover all and safety boots. That was how he started teaching me.

The experience there was a wonderful one, i had to create friends and connection that would make my Industrial Training easy and i has knowledge that has really helped me in classroom to picture the pictorial aspect of what the lecturer is teaching.

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That is great. I am a Chemical Engineer and at the end of every year in University I worked in the field for two months. That was invaluable.
I know so many engineers who graduate and are useless, they have no clue in the real world!
Well done for being persistent and gaining your valuable experience!