Spinach- Corn Curry!!

Welcome hiveans! How are you all? I hope all are good and healhty.

Today I came up with a New recipe of Creamy greenery and delicious curry of Spinach Corn Curry! It is a beautiful dish with creamy texture.
Corn and spinach makes a wonderful combinations. Spinach haters will also love this curry and cannot stop to lick the fingers after having this delicious healthy nutritious curry. In Indian restaurants this curry is often found as a main course and served with rice and chapati.

We can make this curry pure vegan also without adding cream and butter.

So lets start to make this curry -:


▪︎Corn kernels-1 cup
▪︎spinach-1 bundle
▪︎onions-½ cup
▪︎tomato-½ cup
▪︎garlic-7 pods
▪︎green chili-2
▪︎ginger- 1 inch
▪︎turmeric powder-½tbspn
▪︎red chili powder-½ tbspn
▪︎salt- to the taste.
▪︎melon seeds-2 tbspn
▪︎cumin seeds-1 tspn
▪︎coriander powder-½tbspn
▪︎cream- 2 tbspn(optional)
▪︎oil/ clarified butter-2 tbspn


1.rinse spinach well.

2.take out corn kernels and boil it.

3.In a pan pour water.

4.add spinach.

5.put some salt and give a boil for 3 mins and make a paste of blanch spinach.

6.in a plate take some cashews and melon seeds.

7.now take onions, tomatoes, green chili, ginger and garlic.

8.Roughly chop all the above ingredients.

9.in a mixer grinder take all the ingredients.

10.add tomatoes too.

11.grind all well in a fine paste.

12.now heat oil/butter in a kadhai or pan.

13.all the spices are here.

14.Add cumin seeds.

15.now add the grind puree.

16.mix all well.

17.further add spices like red chili, salt, coriander powder, turmeric powder .

18.cook the puree for 10 mins till the oil seperates.

19.then add spinach puree.

20.further add boiled corn. If you want to add some cream then you may add.

21.mix all well and cook for 5 mins more.

22.then off the flame and transfer it in a bowl, add some cream more and have it with rice or Chapatis!

I hope you will enjoy the spinach corn curry!
All the photos and content are mine own
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I hope it tastes really good because the looks isn't convincing enough to make me want to try it.


Try once,I am sure you will like the creamy taste.😊