Guess the composer (Wilhelm Karges, Capricio in C)

The last dozen or so compositions I published from manuscript Am.B. 340 were all compositions by either Sebastian Anton Scherer or Francois Roberday that Karges adapted to his needs. The Capricio in C is in layout and atmosphere very much like the compositions based on originals by Scherer or Roberday, and it seems likely that this Capricio is based on one of their compositions as well. If it is, however, the original is not part of the source material Karges used for the other compositions. This Capricio is not based on one of the Intonatios from Scherer's Livre g'Orgue, nor on one of the fugues or caprices by Francois Roberday.


On what source did Karges base this Capricio then? Did he compose it himself? Or did he have source material of either Schere or Roberday that is nowadays lost? Or is it based on a stil existing composition, that I am just not aware of?

Fact is that it has a lot of similarities with the compositions based on the works of Scherer and Roberday. This Capricio consists of two seperate fuguelike movements. The second one is in a ternary rythm and it's theme is clearly derived from the second one. Karges wrote one Capricio (see where he put his initials in the manuscript, and of which the first half is indeed believed to be composed by Karges (the second half is based on a composition by Johan Jacob Froberger). If Karges could compose the first half of that Capricio, there is not much reason to doubt he could have written this Capricio as well.

Regardless of who composed it, this Capricio is, as almost every composition from this manuscript, a carming little work, with the right length to be very useful for church services.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset, made by Sonus Paradisi, of the Janke organ in the Stadtkirche of Bückeburg (