Dcrops: Planting garlics and carrots in new season

Dear Friends,

Summer season has ended and I received 135 crops form the shares that I had sold my crops (fig 1). Now, it is spring and I planted garlic and carrots seed I already had (fig 2). Those crops will be ready to be harvested in one week time (fig 3).

fig (1)

fig (2)

fig (3)

After one week, I can grow another crops that can be harvested within seven days because one season lasts for 15 days (fig 4). I can grow the same crops but would be able to use my current seed because there is some cool down time I need to wait. I will need to buy some seeds because I don't have them in my inventory.

fig (4)

Do you play Dcrop game? We just need to get land plots and seasonal seeds to plant in every season.

For playing the game, I have followed the instructions from the following Dcrops Discord link.


Dcrop is a passive income game for those who are interested in agriculture and farming. If you want to play it, you can follow my referral link below.


Thank you for your support.

23rd Sep 2022


You are replanting other crops!


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