Money hates stagnation.


Stagnation is a period of slow or no economic growth. A stagnant money is one that lacks development or advancement or not moving progressively. This also means that it is not earning very much interest for you. Money is designed to grow and thrive as it is a tool to generate more wealth through investment, savings and financial planning.

Money should be moved around from one place to another through diversification. It is why making money work for you is important through investment, instead of letting it lie in your wallet or account without yielding any interest except the ones meant to be utilized to settle bills and needs. Money may become boring and end up being unproductive which may lead to losses.

Let's say you pumped money into the same business without bringing you profits, it eventually becomes boring and leads to losses. The more one's money is in motion, the more the opportunity to grow, and this definitely brings great potential returns.

Just as your liquid Hive is lying in your wallet without making use of it instead of powering it up, and you are not using it for a purpose, it cannot generate curation rewards, same with the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD), when it is not moved to savings for the 20% interest, it cannot yield any profit and it becomes bored unless it is for a purpose to be used to settle an emergency.

Diversification of Income

Investing your money in different places is a sure way to earn more, rather than not moving at all. Hive is an example where we have various hive engine tokens like Leo, Pob, Bro, Lgn, Loh etc, these are good tokens to invest in and let your money work for you. Aside from that, there are stocks, businesses, and real estate one can move money into and yield more profits for you.

When you store money in an account, it is as good as being wasted. This does not mean a secret account which I wrote days ago in this post which is for emergencies, you have to make sure your money is moving around, working for you as you earn more. When money is stagnant, it cannot generate returns or increase in value, which can be seen as a loss of potential earnings.

To make money, you need to invest more in different places and watch it grow steadily. This is a secret to financial independence. Only the wise will diversify while the fool will not. Do not abandon your money, instead let it work for you as you sleep. The rich keep getting richer while the poor, are poorer and the only difference is that the rich are busy making money working for them while the poor are not. Money is dynamic in nature as it is a force that seeks growth and expansion, rather than being static.

We all have what works best for us, so, stick to your method and make sure you aren't allowing your money to remain stagnant.

Thanks for your time on my blog.

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Money especially in its form as a currency shouldn't left been static for long. I think it should be deployed into money making paths that are able to generate more of it. I personally aim to money in liquid form for only what is needed on a monthly basis, the rest are sent to work.