Design on Your Land Plot & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Armies Oh My!

Authored by @dynamicrypto

Did You Know

Things just keep getting better...

Just rumors until officially announced yet leaked here first!

You might have the option to design on your own land plot yet maybe just commercial plots and the small plots will open random pads per location and such giving them a value / rarity.

Small plots might be given a parameter of customization inside their pad and will be announced soon as we plan to institute the land much faster than other large team projects who continually push these things back.

Those not wanting to design their own will recieve the default designs the team builds depending on the rarity and location of the plot.

Commercial plots are looking like they will have ai armies to defend them, I will push for small plots to get 1/20th the amount commercial get for fairness of all holders yet I am thinking this will encourage joining a gang or paying your taxes for that protection and the police corporation will send ai police bots aka The Zeelis Defender to defend your land.

Get beginning knowledge to design, it is all open source and free, this video will show you how to download UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) and how to design with it.

I am a noob (@dynamicrypto) and I made a box aka a very ugly Unreal House lol

Screenshot (2208).png

Commercial Plots Sold Out

Yet the market shows one for sale and plenty of small plots here Psyber-X Market

That is it, thanks another post sharing constant updates and innovation from the Psyber-X team.

Check out my post by @kolus290 about Psyber-X Marketing

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Below is info from my prior posts giving some detail about Psyber-X for those who do not know.

standby for an amazing tour in less than 2 weeks when we are given access to fly around various map designs


much is still under construction just sharing progress


many map design types


like something Darth Vader might walk into... such amazing detail

unknown (7).png

another angle in this amazing room

unknown (8).png

working on all types of lighting and amazing maps to explore

unknown (9).png

and every map is built from many steps adding detail then testing the environment

unknown (10).png

& bobs 3speak video post with some gameplay testing released

Thanks for checking out these leaked images, I do hope you do not consider investing in Psyber-X until you can play it.

For now just come win some tokens sharing with social campaigns and various giveaways.

Psyber-X is a play to earn first person shooter utilizing NFTs minted on Hive blockchain.

Royal Reptile Gaming Studios is building Psyber-X to be a Triple A game then plans to begin metaverse development incorporating several other Hive games & NFTs as well as Avalanche and more.

Initial launch is planned as a brawler first person shooter game battling over LVL token with amazing map designs shared recently.

Once the game is launched Phase II begins and with it the development of the open world rpg complex economy utilizing our land plots.

Available shooting environments thoroughly planned out for every gamer, from free to play mobile gamers to pay for play bragging rights, skill based earnings and E-sports style tournaments, all gamers will find an area to fit in.

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Screenshot (2192).png

Dates To Remember

August 13th Map design tour access where those with founder titles and access pass NFTs get to fly around the current state of design

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Very Recent Psyber-X Game Play Testing Video by Bob

Last weeks post about Psyber Crate Airdrops by Bob

Some key links, hashtags and information for Psyber-X.
seo links & a Psyber Sects link Please forgive me as I must share a bit about Psyber-X a first person shooter (fps #fps #firstpersonshooter) and it is play to earn (p2e #p2e #playtoearn) with NFTs (#nft) blockchain gaming (#blockchaingaming) on the Hive (#hive) blockchain (#blockchain) and recently cross chain bridged (#crosschainbridge) to Avalanche (#avax #avalanche) seo


I have a feeling this will be way over my head. I guess it's a good time to learn while waiting for the game-play!


AI armies to protect land is so cool.

THere was a an iOS game I played a few years ago (I don't remember the name) where you were a little dude trying to steal other players loot.

The game had two parts. One was protecting your loot from other players and the second part was trying to steal their loot.

TO protect your own there was a level design phase where you would buy and place defensive weapons like spikes and turrets in a game field and try to make it as close to impossible for others to get through.

THe other part was trying to beat other players designs to get to their loot.

I could see a similar thing here. If the beta crates had turrets and barbed wire or robot guards and safes that the land owner could strategically place as resources and space allowed in order to keep rivals out. Of course the NFT's would be of different rarities and they'd be combinable to increase their effectiveness. But how you placed them would play a big part in their effectiveness.

There would also be some that weren't NFT's so land owners without a lot of cash but maybe more design skill could still have some protection.



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Think Tower Defences and staking NFTs to them to add some attributes ;), so much to do in these aspects yet so far away from it also! you see the video fps to tps views?


we plan to institute the land much faster than other large team projects who continually push these things back.

Hmmmm....I wonder who he could be talking about...........


That's interesting. I need a new computer with a good grahics card 😎


great update as before

I'm gonna have to hire an army to protect my land now


Please, STOP! I can get so excited about this game!!!


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Heh, God I can't wait till we're ready to toss the dogs a better look at what is happening in the dev space.

And by we're I mean you guys.. I'm totally not a ghost dev on this or anything XD


I delegated 120 HP to psyberx account, hopefully that can earn me some LVL tokens :D