Fear of rejection!!!

Everyone reading this post must have had fear of rejection at some point of their life. Fear of rejection is the fear of a person in such situation where they think of rejection and don't step forward. This fear are of many ways. Fear of rejection can be a fear while interviewing, love life, in classroom etc. This fear can limit our life to a certain extent. A person having such fear tends to suffer from many problems throughout his life .



Fear of rejection majorly hampers our confidance. It's all the game of confidence. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have, if you don't have that confidence in you, you can't execute the solution properly. For exam, while appearing for Upsc interview ( toughest examination in India) the panelists see your confidence and make sure if you are eligible for the post or no. Those person how has this fear often fumble while speaking in such interview.

From a long period of time i thought i was a kind of introvert person. But i recently come to know that i also have a fear of rejection in me. This fear of rejection is blocking me frim making any decisions throughout my life. I can't make a choice properly and always stuck in the middle. This also stops you from making a good deal in any buds meet. Fear of rejection is not good for business abd not good for interviews. Now how fear of rejection limits our love life?

Ever dated a girl? This has happened with me so i can relate to it. I was on a first date and rather than trying to know about the other person, i felt insecure all the time thinking whether she likes me or no. Fear of rejection is limiting me from working on my potential. At the end, it was not a good date and u developed the fear one stop further.

Fear of rejection makes us look less confident. We dint show what we really are. We always hide behind a mask to avoid this fear. We should develop the confidence in us and live life by showing who we really are. There is no need to play in a mask in this game of life. Being who you are will automatically attract the one with whom you share the same vibe. It's all the game of vibe.

Fear of rejection over time can frustrate a person to a great extent. Some even take suicidal attempts. So we should try to over this fear at first phase only. If not treated properly , it can change your mental health.

One of the main solution of dealing with fear of rejection is by facing the fear. At first it might not work properly but over time it will definitely vanish from your life. When we try to avoid the fear by not giving any attention to it, it will develop over time. While facing your fear,. You'll see that you have alos developed a skills of socializing.

This is all about how to handle and face the fear. If you have any other ponts to add feel free to comment dwon below. Your comments are highly appreciated.








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Rejection is part of the life cycle of good and bad moments.
I hope more people will consider rejection as a lesson rather than negation.