How to avoid judgemental people!!


When we observe our surrounding we will come to see the behaviours of peoples around us. There are certain peoples who are always surrounded by negativity. People with such behaviour are not hard to find . They are very much common and can identify by just spending some time with them. As we are humans and it's ok to be judgemental for some extent , for some people this becomes their day to day job. Being in company with these people will eventually make you as them. We can't change the way they think but can choose how to not deal with such people.

You can know if we belong to that category or no. Observe yourself for one day and see if any negative thoughts come to your mind seeing different activities of others. By this you will know if you are a negative person or positive. Now that you know your thinking, you can work on it to change to a more positive mindset.


The other aspect is the insecurity. From a long period of time if you are dealing with harsh criticism, an insecurity will surely develop in yourself. This makes you less confident and it will nake you feel inferior to others. To overcome from such situation, first thing you should do is write down what you have accomplished on daily basis. When you give yourself some job and complete it on daily basis, positive mindset will develop automatically and you start to feel more confident. Other thing is be with people and improve your productivity. Focus on what you are good at. Keep on improvising in your area of interest.

Some people think of an opinion is right according to then and try to prove it to other by not letting others to Speak up. This is also kind of judgemental behaviour. You keep on thing that you are right and the other person is wrong. Now-a-days debates we see on news made us think that way. But in reality we should listen to both the opinions. One opinion migh be right according to you but can be wring fir someone. Try to listen to their prospective also.

In the society, we always try to show others that how superior we are compared to others. In this way we often speak out some bad things of someone which we shouldn't have told. This will develop a judgemental behaviour in us. We can't we live together without any hatred? Wouldn't it be much more of good if we live our life spreading love. Competition also made us thing this way. We always want to win the race of anything that we are in. Ye we want to win but not at the cost of someone else's life. Not by passing wrong comments on someone. A healthy competition is the competition with yourself. How you can be better from your past you.

Always thing the positive way in life and respect everyone in the world. Negativity will give us nothing but destruction. Thankyou






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