RiftWatchers: New Cards Revealed



Hi fellow Mages!

This is my new account, called PurpleBat but I am your boy @vjekich. I decided to invest more time into the Splinterlands and therefore new account/name that I will use for content creation. It means that my old account won't be active anymore on Peakd.

I will not go into the reasons why I have chosen this name, but yes, it came from Pokemon, and yes, PurpleBat is Zubat. Therefore I use the Zubat icon as my avatar I should change it in the short future because Nintendo could say that this is not OK. But for now I will continue with it until I manage to create the new one.

If anyone is talented with some free time I would appreciate creative help. Not when that is out of the way let's go back to the Splinterlands and unveil monsters in the new RiftWatchers expansion.


At the last Townhall, a few cards from the new RiftWatchers set were teased so we will take a look and comment a bit on how good those cards are and how good they could be in the current meta.

Night Ghoul - it seems like there is a new tank in town for the Death splinter. And yes, this is my favorite splinter though it was not when I was starting with this game, a year ago. Back then that was Water splinter and you can guess, it was because of all those cheap magic monsters + Alric Stormbringer.

These days I like Death mostly because of newer cards like: Cursed Windeku, Djinn Muirat, Lira The Dark, and Venari Bonesmith. If your front line in form of Cursed Windeku or Harklaw is broken then your backline is in serious trouble. Cursed Windeku is great against melee but he does not have any proper defense. Other tanks like Harklaw or Pelacor Deceiver are not bad but they are not awesome either. Night Ghoul looks like he can throw a punch especially when enraged.


I am personally targeting Gold league and beyond so level 8 Night Ghoul would be the best choice for me even though I would be ok with level 6 if the price will be too much. Level 6 is a good spot because of Forcefield ability. It means that he will take only 1 damage when attacked with 5 or more damage. That could happen a lot since he is a "Giant" and he will suffer double damage from monsters with Giantkiller ability. Therefore this card is very interesting and I can't wait to see it on my team.

Tinderlock - I can predict that this card will be used in every Bronze battle where there is a higher mana ruleset. Last Stand and Close range in combination together are amazing, even in the Bronze league. And that makes this card great, those abilities in the Bronze league. If you check other cards, Life splinter has a similar card in form of Hero of Beyond which is not that crazy good.


Silence is nothing new, it is a useful ability that will reduce your opponent's damage. Now, Deathblow is where it gets serious. It means this card will do 10 damage per turn to Kron which is insane. So it really shines in the Diamond League and beyond but it should be very valuable as it is useful in the Bronze too.

Corsair Bosun - not sure what to think about this one. It seems like a solid card with decent damage and decent armor/health. Speed is a bit on the weak side but it seems that is a "thing" with all monsters in the Life splinter. 5+ attack on this card is weird as it will be blocked by Forcefield but it has a Reach ability which will enable attacking from the second position so it could be a decent off-tank especially if played with Grandmaster Rathe.


Reflective Shield is amazing as Corsair Bosun will be able to compete against monsters with Thorns without taking any damage. It also counters Cursed Windeku so Death splinter just went down in my eyes. Cleanse is pretty good to have though I don't find it very useful on Corsair Bosun. It is not that I don't like to cleanse, but it is that I would prefer to play it on Herbalist. Overall, a decent card that could be a decent second position off-tank. The only problem is that Life splinter is still without a decent tank - if we rule out Shieldbearer because of his high price.

Water Caller - very usefull card for the Water splinter. With this cards Water splinter can shut down Blast damage completly. Right after I saw this card I imagined Wave Brood in the last spot and Water Caller before him while in the second spot you would play Tide Biter. It looks like perfect protection against Blast, only Scatter could ruin your plans.


Stun ability is huge as there is not a lot of stuners in the Bronze league. Water Caller gets better on level 3 when she gets additional point of damage nad on level 5 when she gets Reflection Shield. This card does not seem special on the first look but it is very strong and will be used a lot, at least in my teams.

Suidae Shaman - I would say that this is the best card out of these five, or the one with the most potential. I am not a huge fan of Recharge but in this case it could work is some games. Even in the Gold league Suide Shaman is capable of dealing 18 damage every other turn.


That kind of damage will simply delete opponents monster from the field. The only thing that could stop this beast against Giants is Void Armor, or Grandmaster Rathe. But, on the MAX level thi guy has a solution even for that problem in form of Rust ability. Rust will remove 2 armor so Grandmaster Rathe will not be that effective. Still, big targets like Shieldbearer or Uriel the Purifier will still have Void Armor provided by Rathe - a bit annoying.



These cards are looking amazing and feels like they are made to fill the gaps in the existing mondern league decks. I am most excited about Night Ghoul. On the second spot I would put Suidae Shaman. Tinderlock is amazing card, especialy for the Bronze league so he will be on the third place for me. Water Caller is fourth, only because this cards are so close in terms of power. In the last spot is COrsair Bosun - not because it is a bad card but because other cards are a bit better. Though Corsair Bosun is exactly what Life team need.


It is the perfect time to buy some cards and rebuild your deck. Packs are not selling as fast as expected so prices are stable. I expect them to go down even more once we sell more packs. But there is always a possibility of new players joining and buying tons of cards, so be careful. If you are not playing #splinterlands yet, now is the perfect opportunity to join while you can get all those amazing cards at special prices. Come and join Splinterlands Discord and find out more.

Official Splinterlands Discord: https://discord.gg/A6yNcVqbU6

If you are new here

If you are new here, #splinterlands is the amazing #NFT trading card game with the #play2earn model. That means you can have a lot of fun AND you can earn money (DEC - Dark Energy Crystals) at the same time. If you don't have an account yet consider registering with my link. If you sign up with my referral link, please DM me and I will send you 100 DEC that will help you start with the game(of course if I see you on my referral list).


Have fun and see you on the battlefield.



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