The Beauty of Grasshoppers and Flowers

Hello ASEAN friends, best wishes to all of us who are in this beloved community. On this happy occasion I would like to display some of the images that I have prepared. The insect image in the form of a grasshopper and a very brightly colored flower image that I have prepared and on this occasion I will display it.

Grasshoppers are one of the many types of insects, grasshoppers are also insects that we can easily find and these insects have great beauty when we see them. We can find insects in forests or in parks where there is a lot of grass because these insects really like to play around grass or other plants. As I show this, I found this grasshopper in an area with lots of leaves and when I saw the grasshopper was perched on the leaves. In this insect photo shoot I used a Smartphone which I installed an additional lens on my smartphone camera. I took several sides of the grasshopper so that we can see from various sides the beauty of the grasshopper that I photographed.

Besides that, I also saw and photographed very brightly colored flowers. This flower also has a very nice appearance and many people like this flower to be kept around their homes. Flowers are also plants of many kinds, and of course these plants are considered ornamental plants because they can provide a beautiful atmosphere if we arrange these plants properly. Flowers are usually kept in pots or can also be kept directly on the ground. Flowers are also plants that have various price levels, some have high prices, some have low prices and depend on the type of flower. Flowers like the one I photographed still seem to have prices that ordinary people can still afford. And flowers like this are of course still easy to cultivate and very good if we plant them in our yard. All right, friends, this is a display of pictures of insects, namely grasshoppers and some very beautiful flower pictures.

This is the view of the grasshopper for today which I took in a place with lots of leaves or grass.

As I said this flower has a very bright color and has a very nice shape.

Thank you to all friends who have seen and read my article and hopefully friends will like it. Thank you also to the community members who have given me the opportunity so that I can display the images here again. See you later in my next post.

PhotographyInsect and Flower
Camera UsedSmartphone

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