Defluenced Podcast S02 E08 - PVM chats with Allen Taylor and Unkle Bonehead

I was invited by Allen Taylor and Unkle Bonehead to join them on the Defluenced podcast. The goal for the podcast is to let people know what Web3 is, how much of it is already in use, and what is coming for the future. Their slogan is: Who? What? Why and how to be decentralized in an online world?

Allen Taylor and Unkle Bonehead want to really educate non-Web3 people on the benefits of Web3 and how to get started, but also to highlight interesting people and projects in Web3.

Today we got to hang out with PVM. An awesome Web3 personality with NFT's for charities and written content to an audience in the thousands. Grab yourself the beverage of your choice and listen to a very interesting show. Lots of words of wisdom are contained inside this episode of the Defluenced Podcast.

I shared my crypto background, talked about web3, DeFi, NFTs and my own experience. Was an open discussion about the 2020 Land of Anons, the rise and fall of Club1BCH and Humble Tractors

You can't lose money if you don't have money!

You know that Publish0x is HOME, and I said it in there as well. Was happy to share my metamorphosis from shitposter to philanthropist, how I stayed committed to readcash even when it was a ghost town, and how many "up and left!"

Did I added a quote from Gordon Ramsey? I fu*did! Did I talked about Harvest Finance, UMA, KPI options and over-technical stuff? Yes chads! Did I shilled my Humble Tractors? Yes ... I did!

If you have 28 minutes to spare... I recommend you to listen the podcast. You may hear my opinion about the future of web3 and which of Allan Taylor's posts had the highest tip reward.

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Unkle Bonehead

I'm a podcaster that found my way to Hive & Web3 searching for a way to be more decentralized online. I was doing a podcast at the time about self hosting & being decentralized. Through the natural progress of the podcast I discovered Hive right after the hard fork. Then I ran across Allen & his first book "Cryptosocial". Was going to set him as the first interview for Defluenced and ended up making him the host. Lol.

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cryptocracy (Allan Taylor)

I am a former newspaper editor and award-winning journalist. While editing an online news publication about crypto and Blockchain technology, I discovered Steemit. That was 2018. I played around for a year-and-a-half on Steemit and began discovering other Web3 social platforms. I decided to write a book about them. Right about that time Hive forked from Steem and I lost my keys. I rejoined Hive last year and wrote my second book on Web3 social media titled Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web (And You Can Too!). Like you, I am active on several other Web3 platforms, but Hive is my favorite.

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