The Man of Tomorrow #5 - I Published For 1000 Consecutive Days


I published 1000 consecutive days and I don't plan to slow down! Why? Because writing is my happy place and writing well give me the motivation to keep going when everything else goes wrong.

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Hit that play button and you will understand I didn't come this far just to come this far!

It was at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when I created my Publis0x account, and applied for authorship. It was approved and on the 3rd of March 2020 I published my first article on the platform. It was called "When Bitcoin was £200" and it's now unpublished because it was a poor post for my current standards, only 3 basic sentences.

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But that post was the first step, and every great journey starts with a single step. Those 2 cents made me write again, those two cents made me want to become better. The game was on... and I started to gain momentum. Each new article and each new subscriber made me learn more, research more and improve my style. It was you my dear reader that helped me become who I am now!

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I am chasing a goal ... to reach 1000 consecutive days of publishing at least one article! It was Hive Buzz that reminded me that I am getting closer to that goal. It was google that made me realize that I was even closer to the goal. I just typed "1000 days since 3rd of March 2020" to see that I can see the finish line. Will reach the 1000 days of daily publishing on the 28th of November!

I planned to write a nice post and share the achievement on the 28th, but I got busy with other stuff. It's better late then never, so here I am ... 1012 days since my first post on Publish0x. You may think that now I can relax and slow down, but this is just the beginning.

Road to 1100 days started already. I am proud of my achievement but I will settle! Proud but pushing for greatness! You heard it already ... winners never stop! It's the journey not the destination.

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Hive Buzz came with another interesting achievement, 1100 published posts. I sometimes published twice a day, whenever was some important update of breaking news to cover, but I didn't think I went above and beyond with 100 articles.

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Did the consistency reflected with growth? It sure did! I reached 5400 subscribers on Publish0x and 3800 followers on Torum in 1000 days, by posting at least once per day. Just numbers but this is what kept me motivated.

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Was harder on readcash but I managed to expand the PVM brand in there. I wrote and publish, wrote and publish and never took a day off. I kept writing even when my posts didn't had tips or likes, and I enjoyed every day of the journey.

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I am a content creator so I can write, make memes, posters, stories and sometimes I even do small videos to top-up my articles. My LBRY/Odysee account is neglected by I still managed to get 656 followers. The goal for the next 1000 days is to grow up to 666 and be evil!

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It wouldn't be a celebration without an attitude of gratitude, and I have 4 NFTs to share with you wonderful people. Drop your 0x address in the comments and tag a friend that likes NFTs as much as I like stake! AI Advent Calendar, Mind Blowing Moment, Holiday 50 and Unleash the Beast will be gifted to 4 lucky participants on Monday 12th of December.

Consider this a good opportunity for an AMA so feel free to ask me anything! Thanks you all for the stellar support in the last 100 days!

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Being consistent in writing every day is a little bit difficult. But you showed that it's possible. As long as you're into your goal and enjoy your job. Congrats on achieving that 1000 or should I say 1013 days posting.

*You post this yesterday, 1012... So now it's 1013 right? 🙈