Blood Donor



I hope we are all having a great weekend. I wish everyone best of luck in all our endeavors.


There is this Islamic sect that I belong to, I was born in it and I'm loving being part of it.
This is not the point of this post, the point is that, the Islamic sect(Ahmadiyya), the Nigeria region had her welfare week which today happened to be the last day. The program entails many activities like, giving to the needy, visitation to the ages, hospital, motherless baby homes and prisons. But due the projects I am handling, which I discussed about in my last post, I only had the opportunity to participate on the first day and the last day.
On the first day, we had to organize a prayer to almighty. And the last day happens to be the Blood Donor day which is today.

IMG_20210614_103037_5.jpglast year donor day

Blood donation is one of what I love doing, I started it in 2011, which I do try to do at least, twice a year until last year, last year I had the opportunity to do it once. And since then, today happens to be the next to that. As it is now, I can't do any again this year, because blood donations can only be done by each individual within minimum of 3 months interval. Anything below 3 months is unacceptable health-wise.
Therefore, when ever I possibly talk about it outside the Islamic sect fold, some people see it as something very dangerous, and I always try to educet them that, it is s something that is very normal ☺️☺️

I wish they could know the feelings I do get after every donation 😊😊, there's always this kind of joy in me once I'm done.

The medical personnels will have to access you if you are fit enough to donate or not, your blood pressure will be checked, your body weight will be checked, likewise your blood level.


Every time I've donated in my life, it is always organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

PXL_20221106_075636665.jpgmy district youth leader of the Islamic sect

And I always see the joy on every donor's faces. Actually, what people don't know is that it's a very easy task to offer for anybody tested fit, the only pain comes when the needle is about to enter your hand, and it's just a secs pain, after that, everything is fine.

PXL_20221106_084131689.PORTRAIT~2.jpg a younger friend of mine

PXL_20221106_090729057.PORTRAIT.jpgsecretary of my district

PXL_20221106_084210024.PORTRAIT.jpgDr. Taofeek(the leader of the committee I belong to)

PXL_20221106_082056239.jpgmy friends that were giving the Vibes 😁😁😁

I can't wait for another one to come😊😊

That's one of my activities this weekend. I hope you like my post, please let me know if you do. Keep having a great time 😘😘

Anybody you see in these pictures are either my friends or family.


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