30 Day Declutter Challenge : Day 28


How many mismatched kitchen utensils or items you keep in your kitchen? We have many just like the rest of the people I know in my place. How many lids do you really need? I could not even begin to think where all these lids came from :)

Welcome to the 30 Day Declutter Challenge. This challenge will help you get started with that long and overdue goal of yours to minimize your material possessions or clutter sitting around your house or place of work. There could be some setbacks or hesitations just thinking about it but with this challenge I am sure that anyone can accomplish that goal.

So, how do we start? Simple. Get rid of one item on day 1, then two items on day 2 and 3 items on day 3 and so on until you are done with all the days of a given month. It is a fun and encouraging idea but by now you could be wondering on how difficult it would be when you reach day 20...hmmm hope you will carry on and commit.

Day 28

I wish I could lay them all nicely on the table and see all of them well but these are bigger than most of the previous items I posted. Today most of the items I grabbed from the kitchen are aluminum lids. There were only 3 pots left to cover so what would I do with the remaining mismatched lids? I hear it often from people who are decluttering to dispose anything that does not match especially lids. Well, my sister came by today and picked a few pieces which is good.

If you feel like doing this challenge, go ahead and make a post about it and let your friends know so they too may be encouraged to do it.