"Chad Chuck" By Dead Peasant Insurance: Outsider Noisy No Wave Stoner Metal Vibes


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Here's the first track off my band Dead Peasant Insurance's most recent release, CUT A HOLE IN THE MEAN MAN, from November 2018 on the ALIEN PASSENGERS label. For this album, or longtime friend, David Russell,(Jerk, Murdered Man) wanted to join and play drums so we kind of return to our "punk" roots, bringing a heavy stoner metal-ish vibe, even. Alas, this would be the only album we did with him (although he appeared on another album many years ago as a guest and we have all worked together on various projects over the years)

The cassette tape was released on Dog Lady's label, Alien Passengers and he did the art. The tape has long been sold out but you can find it on all the streaming services-i just dont know how to link to all that since i don't mess with that stuff.

here's a link to the label page and that original art: https://alienpassengers.bigcartel.com/product/dead-peasant-insurance-cut-a-hole-in-the-mean-man

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