Fried By The 90s!!! The Wonderful World Of ALTERNABLASTS and HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE


let's share some ALTERNABLASTS today!

this was a highly loved and loathed genre created from a project between me and john from emeralds called HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE where we would cut up 90s alternative rock songs and place them in between synth jams at gigs and on our tapes.

i used to describe it as "it sounds like if you were doing whippets with klaus schulze, layne staley and john oswald while in line at a circus."

link to a ridiculous rage against the machine remix:

here's our third album cover:

eventually, we would start doing videos. here is probably the most popular video, view-wise, a version of "roll to me" that had a truly presidential dislike ratio. unfortunately, a lot of the meanest and funniest comments got flagged but i think i have an archive somewhere. people would hope i died of aids and stuff- truly savage! plus, a lot of words like "arse" and "shite".... Scottish people are funny and really mean i guess. i'll take BIS over del ametri any day as Scotland's national treasure!💕

here we are with funky proto metal rap rock group, faith no more in a truly "epic" alternablast:

this next one was a grease video remix commisioned by occult nerd and witchmaster general, witchbeam, for an article for the famous independent NYC radio station, WFMU

next is one by the famous authentic britpop legends that happen to have an american presidents name:

eventually, a kind of informal contest was heating up between me and mark mcguire, also from emeralds, where he was getting in on the action, coming down with the alternablast bug...and coming down hard. he made some amazing videos. we made a dvd with all the first wave vids, but it remains unreleased. here he is doing some awful emo band i had never heard of but it is truly frightening and hilarious:

I challenged mark to a battle where he would do a korn "mega blast" and i did limp bizkit

you be the judge!

there are many more videos out there, if you are adventurous! also...PROTIP: just play all these videos at the same time if you want the real deal ALTERNABLAST!

i thought about archiving to 3speak...but not so sure if thats such a good idea😎

thanks for reading...i hope you liked my post!

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