Four Mid-80s Electronic Dance Pop Records

Today i share some 80s electronic dance pop records you get yr groove on!

Stacey Q
"Better Than Heaven"

Here is a HOT jam from Stacey Q from the mid 80s. apparently, she has quite the track record- acting, radio, and even as a circus performer!? i think i first heard this song on this "ladies of the 80s" compilation i have, although i do also have the record of her early 80s synthpop group, SSQ. i don't think that i have ever seen this video the 80s, big hair=big sales!

Various Artists
Fuzz Dance

Here is a mid-80s EP of some mildly obscure avant techno pop. I've had this one so long that it still has the $.25 bin sticker on it! my favorite cuts are the Alexander Robotnick and Naif Orchestra tracks.

Curtie And The Boombox
"Black Kisses"

I can't find much info about these Dutch ladies, but i am a big fan of this song, Black Kisses (Never Make You Blue). Here i found this funny 80s "live" performance from some tv show. .. they definitely didn't have the choreography of today's pop stars! classic song, though.

"Let Me Be The One"

Here's a slow jammer off the first Expose album. apparently, they are the 8th most successful all - time girl group according to billboard magazine... if that is still around, anyway😁. this one may not be as much of a heavy hitter on the dance floor, but is still catchy in it's own right.

thanks for reading, i hope you liked my post!

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