Halloween Records and My 5 Hour "Music From Hell" Mix

Here is a pic of a bunch of my Halloween records. i left out the Disney "thrilling chilling sounds of the haunted house" record, which i found 5 copies of in my holiday section🤣...i figure that is the easiest one to find and i liked the aesthetics of my square pile!
anyway, here is a link to a 5 hr Halloween mix i did back in 2018, to be played at an annual Halloween masquerade ball thrown by the radio station i dj for. it's a mix of sound fx, scary tales, and some old school spooky themed hip hop. A bunch of these records are probably in here somewhere.


put this one out front when the kids are trick or treating and you might have a lot of leftovers for yourself to enjoy because the kids will be too scared to go to your porch! 😉😈👹👿💀☠👻🍊

also, while I'm here, check out a post from last year with 5 of my favorite old hip hop songs that are probably on this mix!

have a happy halloween!

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