New VHS Finds: The Beatles In Tokyo/The Hobbit/Blushing Bloopers

Today I share some VHS purchases I made last week at a local regional used book chain. Ah, the videocassette tape- practically forgotten today, but what a reign this format had. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, I'm sure you had some of these laying around!

We had to walk uphill both ways to get to the blockbuster store back in my day, I say!👴 We couldn't just "Youtube search" for that clip we wanted to watch-you had to fast forward through a blurry screen, wearing down that tape further with each pass...that's the way it was, and we liked it that way!


The Beatles
"Live in Tokyo"

Here is a VHS release of a 1966 concert in Tokyo, Japan from the fab four. Unfortunately, The Beatles stopped touring right before their prime...I guess it was difficult to lug around sitar and tabla players, or something. Or maybe it was the screaming fans drowning out the instruments. What happened to the good ol days, when the band manager had to pay girls in the audience to throw their room keys and bras on stage?? Or maybe Yoko was the only screaming girl they wanted to hear. Aw, poor Yoko-she is the butt of many jokes- I actually appreciate some of that avant garde for her techno album-maybe not so much. While I am on the topic of Yoko, here is a bonus Yoko gag video-one of the best videos of all time, if I do say so.

Blushing Bloopers

This is some compilation video of blooper reels that are "risque and too hot for TV," which means by today's standards, its probably totally acceptable for children as young as 2! I'm not certain if this is the same video or if it has some of the same material or just some of the same actors, but i can't find the exact looking cover, and I'm pretty sure this will be some similar material. This has me thinking about how there is a great CD series called "Celebrities At Their Worst," and I'm guessing this is nowhere near as good or outrageous as those-but for $2 I'll take a gamble on this one.

The Hobbit

This is the television special version of "The Hobbit," a special that I have never seen before. I was a fan of the books as a lad and did see the movies a few years ago, after the hobbit movie came out (that was the first Lord of the Rings movie that I saw). I did enjoy the movies but haven't heard too much about the animated version- but figured it might be cool to have in the archives, hoping for at least some interesting animation sequences. Here is a clip of when the hobbit meets Smaug the hairy dragon!


Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my post!

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