may bee - powerup & delegation



The spring have come here. We have sun all around and blue skyes... It's May, 1 -- a right time for powerup pleasures, as we all know: 1st day of the month is a special day for the blockchain, it is

Hive Power Up Day

So, these are my achievements on the blockchain up to date, and the stats for the last month:


hpud-2205-stat.jpg -- the graph isnt fat, it displays my activity was pretty plain. I was involved into a new intresting book project, which pretty much soaks up my free time like a sponge, and it is long going, hehe... Also I spent a lot of time reading some political Russian blogs and news, and books (I hope in the future this will shape into presentation posts about 2-3 great books!). However, good sunny weather and spring mood increased my blogging activity - 9 blogs I posted in April brought me 338 HIVE, most part of the rewards went directly into my Hive Power.

12.5 HIVE came from HBD conversion; selling Hive-engine tokens brought a few extra HIVEs, and @cccf disbanding / drawing a line added some, as well. 1.5 HIVE I received as a 'thank you' for my delegation to HomeEdders community. On the top of it, I had 44 HIVE as liquids in my wallet (including HE).


11.45 HIVE were powered up with the help of @ecency app.
Thus, my account grew by 483 HP: from 18,157 in April to 18,640 in May, i.e. 2,6%.
Estimated account value is $ 16,467 (according to the current Coingecko prices).

Projects and delegations

Now, let's look at the delegation. 2405 out of total 18640 HP are delegated, i.e. 12.9%. I am quite happy with all the projects I support and dont change anything.


Now, that is all.

Changes were made via @peakd interface.
Screenshots taken with my fave Fast Stone Capture.
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See you all next month the fatter bees, better and better!



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Hive Power Up Day - May 1st 2022