Claimed and minted my domain in for free.


At current scenario, I am not actually looking to own a domain name for me but if it come for free then why not. It is good that my coingecko candies are again used for something productive and I am happy that it contain the reward that I find it useful to redeem my candies for it. So a big thank to both coingecko and
Good think is that this deal is still available and if you have 700 Candies balance then you can redeem it now otherwise you can start claiming candies daily and hope you can reach the candies target before the offer is fully redeemed.


At first , I thought $20 Web3 domain credit will not be any use for me as domains might be costing upwards of $100 but to my surprise that Domain name are available from $5 onwards. I used my $20 to buy a single domain only but you can get 4 Domains for free if you choose all the 4 domains of the $5. I guess you can also chose $40 Domains also by doing payment of $20 and using the promo of $20 that you get by redeeming candies in coingecko.

What to do with this domain?

After buying the domain , you need to mint it on Polygon chain and once the minting transaction is complete , you get the option to "Manage Domain"


In Manage Domain, you can describe your profile, set all your crypto wallet address in one place , link this domain to your existing website etc. It look really nice that you will be able to sell and transfer this Domain that you have got for free.
Right now , I have not decided it use but I think there should e no issues in claiming for free and if you really do not need it , then try to sell it.

On a side note if you think you will not be having candies to redeem, then you can try my Affiliate link in unstoppable domain that actually says "Gift friends $10 credit. Earn $10 after they make their first purchase of $40+ " . I assume that this link still might give you $10 credits for free and may help me to earn if purchase is above $40.

Hope you guys will be claiming you Domain.

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