You are more than you think !


I used to beat myself up alot, I mean mentally of course (lol) I can't possibly cut or injure myself with a blade was the mental harm was painful, dangerous, draining and disasterous to my wholeness and well-being, it led into depression and constant rage and dissatisfaction
Anytime I compared my outcome or results to what other people had, I felt less, I felt like I was not doing enough and maybe I will never be able to.


Why did I not get what she got? What did I do differently? were the questions that followed every single time I compared myself or results to some other person's it was never wow! I did better that she did or I know I tried my best but what could I do better? Or I'm glad I took a step even though I thought this task was beyond me, my default reaction was never that of appreciation for my efforts.

Alot of times we betray ourselves over and over again because we choose to ignore, we refuse to see ourselves for who we truly are. We ignorantly define success by other people's standard and achievements and when we don't meet up with it, we begin to beat ourselves up, damaging what's left of our self-esteem every day.

Does it even make sense that you are completely amazing and everyone knows this except you? And even when they remind you of your strengths you choose to believe the lie.
You do a really good job and don't appreciate yourself because it's different from what other people have and that is not fair to you.


Being successful is not only in the results you get, it is in the process. Achieving small goals tasks takes the mystery out of the gold plated word SUCCESS, you don't have to build mansions or acquire fleet of cars before you realize that you're a successful person.
You are successful because you give life your best shot, even when it feels like the task might be beyond you, it doesn't stop you from giving it a shot.

Success is a medley of small wins, it's achieving the little tasks' in big ways, it's doing your best in any situation you fine your self and the definition of "best" in this term is based on individual strengths and resources so please don't beat yourself up over nothing.
Life is more than just acquiring material possessions and the sooner we realize it the better for us


So everyday I choose to remind myself that successful people are people who give life their best shot, give life your best today. I pledge to appreciate myself more from now henceforth, you should too because you are amazing and endowed with beautiful abilities beyond your imagination.
Anything you find to do, do it to the utmost, and be happy knowing that you are giving your best.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post today ❤️
Content is entirely mine but images were sourced.