Enjoy the natural atmosphere in the durian garden

Happy New Year all. Best wishes to all of you. Hopefully this year we will be luckier and more successful.

Yesterday I went to belongs to my family durian garden and invited some of my office friends to taste the sweetness of the durian which is currently harvesting season in our area. This durian orchard that belonged to our ancestors not too far from where I live, only half an hour away by motorbike, the location is bordered by protected forests and production forests.

This is a durian tree that is already more or less 20 years old, ie...that's almost my age :). These trees are very towering and grow well in this mountainous area.


Every year it always bears heavy fruit without having to take care of it intensively, because this is a natural type of durian tree, so it doesn't need fertilizer or the like, good cloudy soil conditions and a good climate here are enough to grow this tree from year to year. we just need to clean it from the bushes when the harvest season is about to arrive.

The durian tree is a typical Asian tree, as far as I know this tree only grows in some areas in Asia. The distinctive taste of the durian fruit, which is diverse, makes this fruit very popular with many people. There are those who consume it directly raw and many also use it as a cake mix ingredients and even for jam.


Apart from being able to provide income economy from this durian fruit, the trees which grow thickly in almost all forest border areas, can also have a significant impact on the environment, air and groundwater availability.

Because this type of tree is the same as most other types of forest trees which are useful in absorbing pollution and releasing fresh air from the pores of its thick leaves.

Me and some office friends who are tasting the sweet and savory durian fruit.

Apart from that, being in a cool and natural durian garden can give us relaxation which can restore stress and can restore our good mood. in nature that really makes us fun.


Occasionally while we continued to taste the durian, the ripe durian fell from the tree again and I came down from the hut to pick it up.

For me, being here is what I like the most, the atmosphere is peaceful and calming.

And this is a spring that is in our garden, a small waterfall that is produced because of the many big trees that grow in our garden, flowing through the rock crevices. I'll say it again, nothing is more comfortable for me than when I'm here.


Below is a river close to our garden, this river flows every year which indicates that there are still many trees in the forest that collect water and flow into this river.

I don't really understand nature, but I do understand a little about how forests, trees, animals and so on provide benefits for a good life and for the needs of creatures on earth.


Thanks to all of you who have read and stopped by my posts. I'm a newbie to hives, and would love some of your suggestions and directions.

Thanks also to the admin and moderator of the Nature Lover community. See you again in my next post.

Greetings Nature Lovers 💚💚.



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