First experience of drinking Turmeric tea

Hello everyone, I hope we are all in health. May this day all the affairs of the quick and easy and done quickly. Anyway, today I want to share a story about the experience I drink tea not just any tea, but this is the tea coupled with turmeric. So wrap the product of his written turmeric tea.

Tea produced by sariwangi is made like a tea bag in general. However, unlike tea generally only wear tea powder anywhere. But the production of sariwangi this show is different. Due to the addition of turmeric in powder tea. If we've never felt this drink is sure to hear or see this is something strange. But this is the result if the tea is mixed with turmeric.



The process of making the same that is usually done is that we take a glass and then we put the teabag into it then we add a bit of sugar and we're flush with hot water at about 90 degrees celsius and the last of us stir so that the sugar melts. After that we live in a drink. I drink this tea for the first time try immediately feel the aroma blend of turmeric with tea mixed into one. If in Indonesia, turmeric is commonly used as herbal medicine and even made as a drink they call his "herbal".

So also with turmeric tea, the taste of her almost similar with herbs sold by traders of herbal medicine. The taste of turmeric which is the dominant make of this tea make it similar as herbal medicine. However, turmeric has a myriad of health benefits for our body. Herbs and spices that have a distinctive color with yellow color is striking is highly sought after by fans of the herbs in all corners of Indonesia.

Instead of drinking recklessly mending we're trying to drink turmeric tea this one. After drinking this tea, I feel the body to be better than ever. It signifies that this drink has a good effect to our body. Moreover, the weather lately very cool and high rainfall make this drink perfect for those of us drink as heating our body and keep the body's immunity to stay healthy through the day the day, today tomorrow or later we need to start arranging your diet and live a healthy life as well as the drink that enter into our body we have to make sure it is not arbitrary.

Price of a box of tea bags is the same with the price of tea dye regular, we can find at the nearest supermarket in Indonesia. I don't know if in other countries there are variants of this tea, because I haven't found information about friends of cross-country may comment whether tea such as this there is also a in of the country you.

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