This world is a free space of drama show. This world is a stage and we the people of this world is performer. We are performing here in a real charecter.

This is a open stage of a drama house. I took this picture and I got a huge relations between life and dramatic stage. Drama and the stage of performers are the iconic vharecter of reality. In life we got happiness, in our life we could have good anf bad. In our life may have success and failure. Such as in the drama stage we can find such kind of charecters. In our life we can find, such kind of name and fame. That's life amd that's the reality.


This is taken as a open space in my blog because whenever I was there, there was not any show. No one was performing on the place. There have a huge amount of sadness on our mind and, because of being this as a free place we are just sitting on the place and listining some songs in our mobile.

That was amazing yime. We enjoyed the time. It was after evening. I am not sure what I have to call it may be it was night oray be not. I am a little bit confused.

The Statge was for performance and we are here in this world still performing. No one os talking, no one is script writer, only god is everything. He is the director of this drama.