The best weapon



Weapons for war. People of this world are destroying themselves. People of this world were fighting with each others. They are dying, they are fighting. They are moving and moving through the fight. The weapons what we are using can destroy the world easily. The weapons we are choosing for winning the battle will never give the peace. This is the reality.

But, on the other hand it is true that, by using your heart you can win thousands of mind. Look at the prophet Mohammad, He won the world by using his heart and behaviour.

I call the heart is the best weapons. It is the most important weapons to kill someone. By using your good heart and good behaviour you can also win the heart of thousands of people.


You need the example?? Yes, try to look at the prophet of Muslim. He is the right example for the world. Your heart can love people love is the most affectionate invisible feeling in the world.
Love has no individual decimation. Love is love.

So, I definitely wish to people and all the country and community please Don't enter in any war. Please Don't make any war. It’s not the time for that Let's talk with good heart with each others and with the support of good heart we can win the world even we can win every people in the world.