#1 Portrait Art work of Dwayne Johnson using procreate


Hello all, i just got a time to draw something, as i have long gap on drawing in Pro create i choose to draw a simple picture. Most of the time I got confused about what to draw that only consumes my half of time and as per today's available time i chose to draw Dwayne Johnson ☺️. I wish picture looks like him 😂


Step by step progress


Here is the final finishing of my portrait of Dwayne Johnson . It took nearly 2 hours to draw this portrait. I know Dwayne Johnson as The rock who is called by that name in WWE and he was in my first priority of WWE list. I still remember The rock is my first unbeatable wrestler and 2 nd one is boogie man and 3 Rd one was Undertaker and last one was John Cena this is my favourite list in WWE during childhood ❣️.


Eyes and the head portion are really important for identifying the person if we change anything on this area we could see someone who is not celebrity but luckily you can see them without any contact with them 😂.




I hope now readers understand why i choose to draw Mr.Dwayne Johnson he has no hair he show himself as bald head and it was easy to draw him 😂.





Expression and detailed wrinkles makes the portrait looks more realistic and engaging with the audience. As you can see he is laughing with fullness we can deliver that completely through the chin and cheek details here.


Also i would love to draw free portraits for my followers and reader. So if you like you see your face portrait by me free of cost let me know in the comments section with clear picture to draw ☺️😁. Bye bye see you on next blog.


You have reached to the end of the blog. I wish heartful thanks to you for considered my blog to read by your precious time. And the pictures used in the blogs are originally captured by me @ranjith98 or sourced from mentioned link or originally drawn by me with the help of procreate application. Kindly do your support through upvotes and comments.


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