A Short Summary of Suriname by Geography Now


While browsing YouTube I stumbled onto this channel Geography Now that did an episode on Suriname. In terms of summary they did a good job of mashing everything related to Suriname into one short video. Because it's a summary they missed or skipped over quite a few things, like all the dishes, the culture, arts, but on the other hand the items that they did gloss over were clearly well-researched.

So if you're interest in the hidden country of South-America, definitely check out this video and their channel. I had quite a few chuckles at their pronunciations of Dutch and Surinamese words, as we all do when foreigners try to pronounce our own native things, but they did their best. Also cool that they included locals and their own take on Suriname into the video.

A very important thing to mention is that Suriname looks very green from above, because of all the forest from above. So lets end this post with a picture from beneath that green natural patch.


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