Finally finished....


There is no word for the end of life Because from what we call the end, something new is started again However, we have completed various things for a while, or we have finished the work I have completed my fourth semester by completing the practical test on the 24th. I finished the semester with a lot of fun in college on the last day. Though there were practical thoughts in the head. I left the room at 8:20 on the last day to take the test. Then I drove to my college campus. I went to the campus and saw that many people had come to the practical examination room.

I am our class captain so I have a lot of responsibilities in the class. I have to write the practical test sheet I went to our department and brought the attendance sheet. Then I wrote the name and subject code of the test subject on each sheet. And everyone just wrote their names and signed. Then I gave a practical writing book to everyone in the class. Then the madam of my class left. Then Madam took the attendance sheet from me. Now he will take our brother. According to the serial of our class roll, Madam Vaiba was taking the first ten. He was asking questions on various issues in Bhaiba.

There are a total of 61 students in our class My role is in the middle of all of them. When I went to give to my brother, Madam saw me and said Russell or not. I have acquaintances with all sirs since I am a captain. The funny thing is I have two more friends named Russell in the roll next to me. They go to give vaiba with me. Madame saw the three and said what was the news of the three Russells together. I just laughed. Then Madam started asking me questions I answered almost all the questions. Then Madame tells us to leave. We came out of the Viber room. After the practical test, we took some pictures with some friends.






Happiness is different between having fun with friends and taking pictures. After taking the pictures, we all went to another practical class to give another practical test. My fourth episode ended with giving the test. By the infinite mercy of Allah Ta'ala, I have completed my test in a good way. Classes will start in our fifth semester after Eid. I hope I can finish it well.